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Better Health Better Care Elizabeth Porterfield Healthcare Strategy and Planning.

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1 Better Health Better Care Elizabeth Porterfield Healthcare Strategy and Planning


3 Better Health, Better Care Discussion 16 August - 12 November 2000 people involved Around 600 submissions Action plan launched 12 December 2007


5 Strategic Objectives Wealthier & Fairer – Enable businesses and people to increase their wealth and more people to share fairly in that wealth Smarter – Expand opportunities for Scots to succeed from nurture through to life long learning ensuring higher and more widely shared achievements Safer & Stronger - Help local communities to flourish, becoming stronger safer places to live, offering improved opportunities and a better quality of life Greener – Improve Scotland’s natural and built environment and the sustainable use and enjoyment of it

6 Towards a Mutual NHS “The NHS talks about patient focus and service users. It should talk about service owners” World café Glasgow

7 Towards a Mutual NHS Strengthen public ownership by strengthening rights to participate –Public Partnership Forums –Participation standard –Patient experience –Patient Rights –Board elections –Ownership report –Independent scrutiny

8 Towards a Mutual NHS An NHS based on the values of cooperation and collaboration –Further distance from market based models –Staff partnerships –Managed Clinical and Service Networks –Review of Special Health Boards

9 Helping People Improve Their Health Cross Government approaches –Other portfolios (e.g. early years, drugs, violence reduction) –Broader health and wellbeing portfolio (e.g. social inclusion, housing) –Partnership Working (including third sector)

10 Helping People Improve Their Health An enabling service –Targeting the unique contribution of NHS –New strategies on substance misuse –Enhancing Public Health

11 Health Inequalities “That is why we have made tackling health inequalities our top health priority” –Ministerial Task Force –Break link between early life adversity and adult disease –Anticipatory approaches and primary care –Health improving health service

12 Improving Quality Patient Centred Safe Effective Efficient Equitable Timely

13 Improving Quality Patient Centred –Better Together –Supported self management –Carer support –Palliative Care –Travel and transport

14 Improving Quality Patient Safety –Patient safety programme (12 evidence based interventions) –Tackling HAI Efficiency –Targeting unjustified variation

15 Improving Quality Effectiveness –Locally delivered services –Anticipatory care Equity –Fair for All / Equality assessment –Implement remote and rural recommendations

16 Timeliness –18 week whole journey time –Better co-ordinated systems of unscheduled care –GP access Improving Quality

17 Making it happen Targets rebalanced to better align with long term strategy Linked to approaches in other parts of the public sector Implementation is mainstream business

18 Scottish Parliament NHS Board Chairs NHS Board Chief Executives Health Directorates Scottish GovernmentNHSScotland Dr Kevin Woods, Director General of Health/CE of NHSScotland Sir John Elvidge, KCB Permanent Secretary Alex Salmond, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, Deputy First Minister & Cabinet Secretary for Health & Wellbeing

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