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1311A.5 Club Leadership Training Session Achieving Success As Secretary.

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1 1311A.5 Club Leadership Training Session Achieving Success As Secretary

2  Help officers clearly understand their roles.  Orient club members to better understand club officer roles.  Aid members when evaluating candidates for office.  Facilitate communication when expectations differ. 1 Standards for Success

3  Maintain an accurate membership roster.  Give roster to the treasurer to submit with dues.  Mail club officer list to World Headquarters within 10 days after election.  Handle general club correspondence. 2 Outside the Club Meeting

4  Keep club files, including the club charter, Constitution and Bylaws, minutes, resolutions, and correspondence.  Attend club executive committee meetings.  Attend district-sponsored club officer training.  Arrange for a replacement if unable to attend meetings.  Prepare your successor for office. 3 Outside the Club Meeting

5  Record and read meeting minutes.  Greet members and guests. 4 At the Club Meeting

6  Set realistic and attainable goals.  Plan how to accomplish the goals.  Delegate tasks as needed.  Monitor progress toward goals.  Coach team members when necessary. 5 Your Leadership Opportunity

7 6 Five Steps of Motivation 1.Understand what motivates each person. 2.Focus on the benefit to the individual. 3.Make expectations clear. 4.Recognize their work. 5.Be a leader.

8 1.Decide what to delegate. 2.Decide who will do the task. 3.Assign responsibility. 4.Grant authority. 5.Establish accountability. 7 Your Leadership Opportunity Five Steps of Delegation

9 1.Lack of confidence in others 2.Fear of losing control 3.Selfishness 4.Insecurity 5.Reluctance 8 Your Leadership Opportunity Barriers to Delegation

10 1.Agree that a problem exists. 2.Discuss solutions. 3.Agree on an action. 4.Follow up. 9 Your Leadership Opportunity Four Steps to Coaching

11 Group Activity 10 Coaching a Team Member

12  Laptop computer  Voice recorder  Whiteboard or flipchart  Paper and pen 11 Record Meeting Minutes Tools for Taking Notes

13  Use the meeting agenda and the Record of Regular Meeting form.  Adapt the form for executive committee and other meetings.  Create a diagram of where each person is seated during the meeting.  Record key themes of discussions.  Use bullet points.  Ensure that your notes will be clear to everyone.  Double check your facts, proofread, and spell check the minutes. 12 Record Meeting Minutes Suggestions for Recording Minutes

14  Transcribe minutes as soon as possible.  Use a consistent format and standard verbiage.  Add long reports or supplemental material to the minutes as an appendix.  Record the date and sign your name.  File minutes chronologically. 13 Recording Meeting Minutes Transcribing Minutes

15 Submitting Forms And When Dues are Due 14 Discussion Exercise

16 A responsibility and a privilege 15

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