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Graduate Expectations. Critical Thinking & Life Management. IBT graduates are expected to: identify and demonstrate the essential employability skills.

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1 Graduate Expectations

2 Critical Thinking & Life Management. IBT graduates are expected to: identify and demonstrate the essential employability skills for success explore a wide variety of career choices and potential career changes reflect about their own career choices explore the community (within the school, locally and globally) through a variety of learning opportunities, which include community based projects, extra- curricular activities, community service, work experience, cooperative education, international student exchanges, mentorship, entrepreneurial ventures demonstrate their skills and apply their knowledge in the areas of organization of time, space, tasks, and roles, decision making, problem solving, conflict resolution consider and demonstrate whenever possible, the mental and physical components essential for a healthy lifestyle

3 Critical Thinking & Life Management Cont. identify issues related to health and safety concerns in the home, school, workplace, and community participate positively in self and peer assessment demonstrate the essential skills to work effectively within a team structure, as both a leader and a team member respect the perspective of others reflect critically about their personal development and their relationships with peers and family respond to challenges with grace and humour, energy, and perseverance recognize patterns of change and continuity and respond appropriately when involved personally demonstrate the attitudes and behaviours consistent with promoting equality, equity, tolerance for self and the rights of others

4 Communication and Literacy. IBT graduates are expected to: demonstrate at the secondary graduate level, literacy skills in reading, writing, listening, and speaking. demonstrate their literacy skills by focusing on information, problems, and issues related directly to the IBT program. Topics to be included are real-life international issues, the complexities of the business community, the global marketplace, the emerging nature of new technologies, an appreciation of linguistic and cultural diversity deliver oral presentations that demonstrate the evaluation and selection of resources for validity, authority, relevance and accuracy, selection of a presentation format and media appropriate for the data, audience, time and available resources, skills necessary to make a presentation in a confident, composed, fluent, and persuasive manner, use of advanced features of an electronic media and presentation tools

5 Communication and Literacy Cont. write research/business reports, formal essays, creative pieces, and critical analysis with technical accuracy, structure and fluency read a wide variety of literary genres and traditional course materials locate, read and understand specific materials related to the IBT program, including business and technical journals, electronic/internet sources, books, current periodicals take accurate notes from presentations, actively participate, formulate effective questions and derive appropriate conclusions. build on the technical literacy skills and knowledge that were acquired by the end of Year Two, which include understanding and applying advanced technical vocabulary, following a sequence of instructions, reading and interpreting technical manuals, and other technical documentation and resources, researching and developing technical instructions and resources, reading, comprehending and using graphs, charts and displays, recognizing and applying the different methods of communicating related to electronic media

6 Numeracy & Math/Science Applications. IBT graduates are expected to: demonstrate at the secondary graduate level numeracy skills in the areas of: problem solving, numerical methods, data management, statistics, probability, patterning and algebra, measurement, geometry and spatial sense demonstrate their ability to think critically and solve problems using a variety of methods including manipulation, computer programs and applications such as spreadsheets and graphing calculations communicate effectively in both written and oral form using the language of mathematics

7 Numeracy & Math/Science Applications Cont. demonstrate an awareness of the interdependence of mathematics and other disciplines demonstrate an understanding of scientific methods apply scientific knowledge, principles, and higher order thinking skills in a global technology economy demonstrate respect for the environment and a commitment to the wise use of resources demonstrate an understanding of the influences of science on societal issues and values

8 Research and Inquiry. IBT graduates are expected to: demonstrate their abilities in the use of traditional research tools (such as books, articles, newspapers, journals, etc). access and use electronic media, internet, interactive software, video and video conferencing identify the most effective research tool(s), locate and select information from both primary and secondary sources select and prepare appropriate primary research from sources such as surveys, observation, and other appropriate community resources critique the validity of the information properly reference all sources

9 International (Global) Perspectives. IBT graduates are expected to: have a critical awareness of how the world is inter-related, and interdependent, at the local, national and international levels. Students will deal with concepts and issues such as environment, economics and development, political and social structures, values and ethics, human rights and responsibilities, cultural appreciation, social organizations, consumer trends, family issues demonstrate a fundamental understanding of specific international languages and associated cultures demonstrate their responsibilities as members of the global community. (These experiences will take place through course, volunteer and/or work experience activities in the school, neighborhood, regional, national and international communities.)

10 Business. IBT graduates are expected to: demonstrate a basic understanding of the six core areas of business studies bookkeeping/accounting, marketing, management and leadership, finance/economics, information processing, entrepreneurship

11 Technology. IBT graduates are expected to: critically understand the role of technology in society, including its changing nature, its effect on the economy (at all levels), and the impact of technology on all aspects of society demonstrate the ability to troubleshoot basic hardware and software problems demonstrate an awareness of new and emerging computer technologies demonstrate the consumer knowledge required in purchasing appropriate technologies

12 Technology Cont. utilize a wide variety of technology in their projects and assignments demonstrate the basic concepts of systems analysis demonstrate a high level of competence using the internet critically and appropriately, using a wide variety of current computer software and hardware (cross-platform software including: advanced word processing, spreadsheet, database, communication, display, multi- media)

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