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1 Initial Evaluation Consent Macomb ISD Special Education Management Services August, 2006.

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1 1 Initial Evaluation Consent Macomb ISD Special Education Management Services August, 2006

2 2 The Initial Evaluation Consent Form and Process – Why? Required by Federal and State Law Begins the Legal Special Education Eligibility Process Is Timeline Compliance Driven Tracks Initial Referral Outcomes for State Performance Planning Review

3 3 What About Notice To Non- English-Speaking Parents? State has Translated This Form and Other Required Documents Provides Notice/Rights/ in Other Languages:  Albanian  Arabic  Hmong  Serbo Croatian  Spanish  Vietnamese To Get One, Google Search: “Michigan Special Education Forms” See: 0,1607,7-140-6530_6598-16336--,00.html

4 4 When To Use It When sufficient evidence exists that: –Child believed to have a Suspected Disability that makes: –Child Unable to Benefit from General Education Curriculum –Despite Prior Interventions Having Been Tried to Improve Child’s Performance –Additional Testing Would Require Written Parental Notice and Signed Consent

5 5 Who Might Use The Form Building Level Student Assistance Team Building Administrator/Counselor Building Special Education Team Leader Central Special Education Office

6 6 What This Form IS For Provides Legal Notice To Parent Begins Legal Special Education Eligibility Determination Process Gets Signed Written Parental Consent Tracks Initial Referral Outcomes

7 7 This Form Is NOT For NOT: Internal-To-District Referrals for Additional Evaluations of Students Already Receiving Special Education Services. NOT: New District Move-Ins With Previous Enrollment in Special Education NOT: Form 2 Referrals to MISD NOT: Part C “Early On” Referral of Children Ages 0-3

8 8 Who is Legally a “Parent” A.A NATURAL, ADOPTIVE, or FOSTER parent of a child (unless a foster parent is prohibited by State law from serving as a parent); B.A GUARDIAN (but not the State if the child is a ward of the State); C.An INDIVIDUAL in the place of a natural or adoptive parent (including a grandparent, stepparent, or other relative) with whom the child lives, or an individual who is legally responsible for the child’s welfare;……….

9 9 Also Legally a “Parent” D.A SURROGATE PARENT who has been appointed in accordance with state board of education policy. E.A FOSTER PARENT if both: 1. The natural parent’s authority to make educational decisions has been extinguished under state law. 2. The foster parent satisfies ALL of the following: A.Has ongoing, long-term parental relationship with student/youth with a disability. B.Is willing to make the educational decisions required of parents. C.Has no interest that would conflict with the interests of the student or youth with a disability. F.The STUDENT/YOUTH who is 18 years of age, if a legal guardian has not been appointed by appropriate court proceedings.

10 10 The Critical Parts of the Form Identifying Information Reason for Referral Source of Referral Notification Language Evaluation Review (Optional) Evaluation Team Participants Evaluation Team Leader Notice Components Native Language Consent Signature Timeline Dates/Outcomes

11 11 Identifying Information Accuracy is Critical, Especially –Legal Last Name, First Name –Date of Birth –Resident District Begins Official Special Education Record Links To State of Michigan Student ID Have Parent Verify This Information

12 12 Reason For Referral Social/Emotional Behavioral Learning/Achievement Speech/Language Delayed Development (Cognitive, ECDD) Vision/Hearing Physical Health Other

13 13 Typical Referral Sources Building Level Curriculum Review Process (RtI) Student Assistance Team Child Find/Screening School Administrator General Ed Teacher Parent Doctor/Physician/Public Health Dept 504 Accommodation Process

14 14 The Core Notice Language Your child has been referred for evaluation because he/she is suspected of having unique needs that may prevent him/her from fully participation in the general education curriculum. This evaluation will be for educational purposes. Your input will be requested during the evaluation process. The information gained will be used to determine if your child is eligible for special education and, if so, to plan appropriate programs and services.

15 15 Evaluation Review Before Initial Evaluation An OPTIONAL Process per IDEA Identifies Existing Assessments Narrows Assessments Still Needed See “Evaluation Review” Form Review Your Local Policy:  Required  Optional

16 16 Multidisciplinary Evaluation Team Michigan’s MET Team Persons Who MAY Evaluate the Child Certain Professionals are Required for Specific Suspected Impairments Parent Input must be collected MET Report with recommendation of Eligibility is required for the first IEP to determine student’s eligibility.

17 17 Team Leader/Contact Person May Provide Informed Notification to Parents Acquire Signed Parental Consent Facilitate/Coordinated MET work. Explain Tests to Parents Document Parental Agreement to Extension of Initial IEP Timeline Schedule/Complete IEP Invitation Track Referral Dates and Outcomes Other Local Duties?

18 18 Informed Consent Includes Items Given to Parent Macomb ISD Parent Handbook, or Other Parent Information Supplement The Parent Rights/Due Process Document  Longer State Version, or  Shorter Condensed-Format Version Organizations Available to Help Parents Description of Special Education Programs/Services in District/Macomb County

19 19 Give or Refuse Consent Parent MUST make a Choice:  I GIVE CONSENT  I REFUSE CONSENT If Parent REFUSES: –District Not Obligated to Pursue Further –Be Sure To Thoroughly Document Refusals

20 20 Native Language Informs District of Native Language of Student Alerts to Assessment Accommodations Alerts to Possible Need for Interpreter.

21 21 Consent Signature and Date Ask Parent To Check Accuracy of Identifying Student Information Ask Parent To Specify Relationship To Student (see “Parent” defined above) Ask Parent To Write Signature Date

22 22 Timeline Tracking Dates Maintained by Evaluation Team Leader –Date Given or Sent –Parent Signature Date –Date Consent Received –IEP Compliance Date –Initial IEP Held Date –Extension to Timeline Reason –Extended IEP Compliance Date

23 23 Date Given or Sent to Parent Initial Evaluation Consent Form should be Given/Sent To Parent: Within 10 Calendar Days of Receipt of a Referral. In Our District, “Referral Date” Means: __________________________________ Evaluation Team Leader: Records Date When Form was Given/Sent to Parent

24 24 Date Consent Received The Date that an Authorized District Official Got the Signed Initial Evaluation Consent Form Can be Date Stamped Recorded In “Date Consent Received” at Bottom of Form. My District Starts the 30 School Day Clock using the Date Consent Received:  Yes  No – We Use the “Parent Signature Date”

25 25 IEP Compliance Date Target Date of Initial IEP 30 School Days = 30 Kids In School Days Use Current School Calendar to Calculate Days from RECEIPT of Signed Parent Consent Receipt by: District-Authorized Person, e.g.: – Bldg Admin – Spec Ed Dept – Administrative Designed (SSW, Psy, etc)

26 26 Extension To 30 School Day Timeline May Be Extended Must Be Agreed to by: – Parent – School District (Administrative Designee) – Data Used for Compliance Reporting Document New Agreement Via _____________ Use New IEP Date on Invitation to Initial IEP

27 27 Initial IEP Held Date Tracks MI Referral Timeline Compliance Used by ROSES to calculate days under or over: –Initial IEP Target Date, or –Extended IEP Compliance Date Sets Next IEP Date 365 days later Sets Next Eval Review Date 3 years later

28 28 Initial IEP Due Date Compliance Was Initial IEP held in 30 School Days? Reported to State for Compliance Possible Outcomes: 01 - IEP Held within 30 School Days 02 - Child Not Available to Evaluate 03 - Child/Family Moved Prior to Initial IEP 04 - Parties Agreed to Extend Timeline 05 - Evaluation Personnel Unavailable to Complete Evaluation within 30 School Days

29 29 Initial Referral & IEP Results Results of Referral at Initial IEP Reported to State for Compliance Initial IEP Outcomes: 1.Student Evaluated & ELIGIBLE 2.Student Evaluated & INELIGIBLE 3.Student Evaluated & ELIGIBLE but Parent Refused Special Ed Services

30 30 Our District’s Key Policies 1.Your Text Here 2.Your Text Here 3.Your Text Here 4.Your Text Here 5.Your Text Here 6.Your Text Here 7.Your Text Here

31 31 Our District’s Form Copies: Original To: __________________ Copy 1 To: __________________ Copy 2 To: __________________ Copy 3 To: __________________ Copy 4 To: __________________

32 32 Questions?

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