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C OMPANIES MIGRATION Presentation made by Polish students.

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1 C OMPANIES MIGRATION Presentation made by Polish students

2 PUŁAWY – A TOWN IDEAL FOR INVESTMENTS Why is it worth investing in Puławy? A well-developed infrastructure, high standard of the inhabitants, focus on intensive development and important scientific background of the town, The towns economic character is determined by the presence of the Puławy Nitrogen Plant- the largest Polish producer of nitrogen fertilizers, melamine and caprolactam. Aditionally, there are more than 5 thousand companies functioning in Puławy. The local authorities constantly undertake actions on behalf of entrepreneurship development. This activity was awarded with the title of GOLDEN BUSINESS LOCATION in 2006. The town offers benefical conditions for business development in tourist, chemical (infrastructure, services), building industries and other branches. It is worth mentioning that in the investment attractiveness ranking of Polish towns Puławy was classified in the highest class A as the only town in Lublin region. All these factors create perfect conditions for business development.

3 R ESEAECH INSTITUTES IN P UŁAWY In Puławy there are 5 research institutes: The Institute of Fertilizers deals with physical, physicochemical and chemical testing of mineral fertilizers and provides expert opinions concerning mineral fertilizer compliance with quality requirements of Polish regulation on Fertilizers and Fertilization. The Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation. The broad range of activities comprises crop production, soil science and fertilization, as well as recognition and protection of agricultural areas against various forms of degradation. The Institute provides a wide range of consultative and advisory services. Zakłady Azotowe S.A.- the largest Polish producer of nitrogen fertilizers, melamine and caprolactam. Institute of Veterinary Research. Its activities concentrate on the control of animals various diseases and quality of food of animal origin. Its the onlu institute of this kind in Poland. Research Institute of Pomology and Floriculture. Its activities focus on bee breeding, better understanding of bee biology, improvements to apiary management methods, and on the testing of the composition and quality of the entire range of bee products.

4 The Pulawy Production Park (PPP) It is a project set up by Zakłady Azotowe PuławyS.A and Puławy Municipality. The area covers 600 hectares of land available for investments. The PPP forms a basis for modern industrial activity. It is a collection of separate real estates, interconnected companies, specialized suppliers, servicing units and companies operating in related sectors, as well as related institutions. All of them both compete and cooperate with each other. Bearing in mind the economic situation and noting opportunities afforded by the joint action, founders of the PPP are inviting local and international entrepreneurs to participate in the organizational undertaking based on the potential existing in Zakłady Azotowe Puławy S.A and their vicinity.

5 AUSTRIA-POLAND companies migration The most important products exported from Poland to Austria are in the following fields: machines and electrical engineering industry mineral industry metallurgical products products of chemical industry farm and groceries products woodworking and paper industry The most import ant products imported from Austria to Poland are in the following fields: machines and electrical engineering industry mineral products metallurgical products products of chemical industry products of light industry

6 There are around 450 Austrian companies in Poland. Investors specialize in such areas of trade as real estate agencies, woodworking industry, stationeries, groceries, banking and building services, hotels, transport. The biggest Austrian investors on the Polish market are: IMMOFINAMZ (real estate agency) Bau Holding AG (hotels, offices) Raiffeisen Zentralbank (banking) Rigips Austria GmbH I Laier (building materials) Wienerberger (building ceramics) Porr International (hotels) Warimpex AG (hotels) Henkel CEE (chemical products) Backaldrin International GmbH (bakery products) Generali (insurance company) UBM Realitätenentwicklung AG (real estate developers) Gefco Austria (transport and logistics) Accutus Consulting GmbH (consulting company)

7 According to the National Bank of Poland there are around 20 Polish investors owning shares in Austrian companies. The most important are: Złomrex International Finance S.A 4LOOK Technika Okienna GmbH Olgierd Kajak Alabama Trans Sp. Z o.o. Jaworzno RAYPATH International Kraków There are also around 50 Polish companies in Austria which sell Polish products such as groceries, fabrics, toys. Austrians eagerly buy products made in Poland which are a part of international companies for example: cars Opel Zafira and Fiat 500, IKEA and KIKA furniture.

8 The Czech Republic – Poland companies migration The most important Polish products exported to the Czech Republic are: copper engines and parts of engines coal energy oils steal and metal products tobacco aluminium furniture The most important products imported from the Czech Republic: cars parts of engines coal chemical products parts to TV sets iron and steal products oils electrical products, electronic equipment

9 The most important Polish investors in the Czech Republic (among around 915 companies): Synthos (chemical industry) AB S.A. (computer equipment) Asseco Poland (informatics technology) mBank (banking) MCI Management (finances) Ade Line S.A. (furniture- Alma Décor shops) K-Trade Brokers (finances) One-2-One S.A.(mobiles) Dr Irena Eris (cosmetics industry) TelForceOneS.A. (mobiles) Sphinx (restaurants) Prymat Sp. Z o.o. (groceries) Ciszewski Public Relations (marketing) The most important Czech investors in Poland are: Rudolf Jelinek a.s. Penta investments a.s. Glaverbel Czech a.s. (manufacture of non-metal goods) Intercontact Group a.s. (vehicles) Kofola a.s. (manufacture of food, drinks and tavbacco products) Vitkovice Cylindres (manufacture of metals and metal products) Mobilking Stream Communications Dr Max (chemists)

10 Hungary – Poland companies migration Hungary is one of the most important trade partners of Poland (the 8th place) not only because of geographical aspects but also similar economical structures. The most important products exported to Hungary: machines vehicles and its parts food metals The most important products imported from Hungary: machines chemical goods. Food

11 Hungarian investors in Poland: Gedeon Richter (manufacture of medicines) Dunapack (manufacture of paper boxes) Globus (selling fruit and vegetables) EGIS (manufacture of medicines) FOTEX (opticians) Jeans Club WIZZ AIR Nordenia (manufacture of packagings) TriGranit (developers) Polish investors in Hungary Maspex (manufacture of juice) BRE Bank LPP S.A. Gdańsk (shops Reserved) KAN Sp. Z o.o. (Tatuum shops) Toruńskie Zakłady Materiałów Opatrunkowych (hygienic goods) Polmetal Pruszyński

12 ROMANIA – POLAND companies migration Romania has been an important trade partner of Poland since joining by the two countries EU. The most important products exported to Romania: base metals electronic industry vehicles RTV, AGD chemical industry mineral goods ceramic goods The most important products imported to Poland: base metals woodworking and paper industry electronic industry plastic

13 There are around 500 small Polish investors which tend to sell Polish goods. The biggest of them are: CanPack; ASSECO (computer program mes); Ciech( soda manufacture); PORTA (manufacture of door); CERSANIT(manufacture of tiles) VOX Profile –Windows and door Pruszyński – steal Polimex Mostostal –steal foods Maspex (manufacture of juice, coffee, chocolate Forte – furniture Equus – transport Barlinek – wooden goods Currently it is frequent that many international companies are trying to enter the Romanian market by using their Polish branches, for example AIG Amplico Life set up a branch in Romania basing on Polish capital Romanian investors in Poland EDY INTERNATIONAL SPEDITION SRL Romgaz

14 Slovakia – Poland companies migration The most frequently exported goods to Slovakia: metals electric devices and machines mineral goods food and tobacco chemical industry The most frequently imported goods from Slovakia: metals electric devices and machines mineral goods vehicles, boats, transport devices plastic and rubber wood and coal

15 Polish investors In Slovakia: Asseco Poland (computer banking program mes) TYMBARK TIK SLOVAKIA sro PRO-DOM SLOVAKIA sro MASPEX SLOVAKIA sro NOVY STYL SLOVENSKO sro ZELMER SLOVAKIA sro FABA SLOVAKA sro Slovak investors in Poland: Slovanaft I.D.C. Holding Tatrachemia HERBA DRUG sro Żelaziarne, a.s. SES a.s. ELTECO a.s. Regada sro KORLEA INVEST a.s. KERKO a.s. EUR-MED a.s. SCAME – SK sro TATRAMAT a.s. SIGMA INVEST a.s.

16 Sources used for the presentation: Rudolf A. Thaler, Austriackie firmy w Polsce,, Warszawa 2007, AWO-Wirtschaftsreport Polen, I. Halbjahr 2008, 23.September 2008, s.10ści/article/a,1891,Współpraca_Polsk a_Austria_w_28_r.htmlści/article/a,1891,Współpraca_Polsk a_Austria_w_28_r.html,208762_Polski_eksport_na_Węgry_jeszcze_kwit nie_...,208762_Polski_eksport_na_Węgry_jeszcze_kwit nie_ darcza+Polski+z+krajami+UE+i+EFTA/rumunia.htm

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