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> > Healthy Pennsylvania Access – Affordability – Quality.

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1 > > Healthy Pennsylvania Access – Affordability – Quality

2 > > Healthy PA PRIORITIES Three Key Priorities: 1.Improving Access 2.Ensuring Quality 3.Providing Affordability Healthy Pennsylvania is Governor Tom Corbett’s plan to ensure that Pennsylvanians have increased access to quality, affordable health care. 2

3 > > Healthy Pennsylvania Access – Affordability – Quality Healthy PA IMPROVING ACCESS  Get All Kids Insured  95 percent of Pennsylvania children currently enrolled in health care coverage – one of the highest percentages in the nation  Add funding to increase outreach and coverage to previously uninsured and under-insured children  Eliminate the mandatory CHIP six month waiting period  Promote Access to Primary Health Care  $4 million to build new and expanded community-based, primary care health clinics  Additional residency slots for physicians  Loan forgiveness program to incentivize primary health care providers to practice in rural and underserved areas of PA  Enhancing Care Delivery through Technology  Utilize telemedicine to bring specialty care to underserved areas of PA  Electronic access to secure patient health records 3

4 > > Healthy Pennsylvania Access – Affordability – Quality  Supporting Older Pennsylvanians & Persons with Disabilities  An additional $68 million to help older Pennsylvanians and persons with disabilities come off of waiting lists and stay in their homes and communities  Convene a Long-Term Care Commission  Promote Good Public Health  Host a “Healthy Pennsylvania Summit” to expand preventative health best practices  Support and expand community-based health partnerships  Ensuring Safe & Appropriate Access to Prescription Medications  Enhance the prescription drug monitoring program  Support the statewide “Drug Take-Back” program Healthy PA ENSURING QUALITY 4

5 > > Healthy Pennsylvania Access – Affordability – Quality  Continue to Reform PA’s Medical Liability System  Adoption of the “Apology Rule”  Reforming PA’s Medicaid Program  Align Medicaid Benefits with Private, Commercial Insurance  Cost Sharing & Individual Responsibility  Promote healthy behaviors  Job training & work search for those who are unemployed and able to work  Reinvest Saving to Increase Access for Uninsured  Explore using private option to enroll “newly eligible” uninsured adults in private health insurance plans through the federal Exchange Healthy PA PROVIDING AFFORDABILITY 5

6 > > Healthy Pennsylvania Access – Affordability – Quality For information on health insurance options in PA, visit 6 For more information, visit To comment on the Healthy PA plan, email

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