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Knowledge is Empowerment Tutorial Guide no. 30 SEARCHING PROQUEST DATABASE.

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1 Knowledge is Empowerment Tutorial Guide no. 30 SEARCHING PROQUEST DATABASE

2 Knowledge is Empowerment Let’s enter ProQuest Nursing * Allied Health Source databases through the US University Library (1). Click on Online Databases (2), Select “View Full Text Databases” (3). 2 1 3

3 Knowledge is Empowerment Now click “Proquest Nursing & Allied Health Source” *Ask USU librarian for ID and Password at Next slide click “My Research” and register. EBSCO, JSTOR and PROQUEST are different entities.

4 Knowledge is Empowerment After entering ProQuest through US University Library and register, the screen below appears. For now, we will search for the article using the basic search. As you become more comfortable in the future, search for articles using the advanced, Figures & Tables, and publications tabs. Register

5 Knowledge is Empowerment ( 1) Please, insert any term or article’s title in the basic search text box. (2) In the limit results area check “Full text” and “Peer reviewed.” Full text shows complete articles, if they are available, and not just abstracts. Peer reviewed or Scholarly journals satisfies the condition of academic sources as your Professor may require. (3) Next, click Search. The first article is an exact match of what we are looking for, so let us use this one. 1 2 3

6 Knowledge is Empowerment (1)After you registered click “Save search” or “Create alert”. (2) Note the “Suggested subjects” and master the database vocabulary. (3) Select the articles. (4) Then click “Cite” for the APA citation or click “E-mail,” “Save to My Research,” “Print” or “Export/Save.” (5) “Full Text” and “Citation…” 1 4 5 2 3

7 Knowledge is Empowerment Clicking on “Citation/abstract” provides the reader with a brief summary of what the article is about. This is quite useful during searches concerning a topic of choice, because it eliminates unnecessary reading of entire articles. Yes, an abstract can become a timely academic life saver! The next slide will briefly examine differences between Full Text, and Full Text –PDF.

8 Knowledge is Empowerment Full Text –PDF is an electronic version of the article identical to the hard copy if you had it at hand. Notice that “Understanding the role of principles in medicine” is on page 396. Full Text –PDF is ideal, especially for outside reading assignments and referencing the specific page numbers in the assignments.

9 Knowledge is Empowerment Clicking on “Full Text” gives the entire article, but it does not show the page numbers associated with the article. For example, if I wanted to know the page number with information on “Understanding the role of principles of medicine,” full text does not provide that. However, some articles provide full text only, and at least that’s better than just an abstract.

10 Knowledge is Empowerment For more information Please contact M.L.S Catalina Lopez-Alvarez (619) 477 6310 ext. 2017

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