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Become a Candidate City 6th edition

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1 Become a Candidate City 6th edition
11/05/10 11/05/10 Become a Candidate City 6th edition 1

2 Summary Agile Tour, in a few words
11/05/10 Summary Agile Tour, in a few words How can I become an organizer or Agile Tour? Why become an organizer of Agile Tour? The anticipated conference What's involved in being a local organizer? General committee For more information… 2

3 Agile Tour, in a few words
11/05/10 Agile Tour, in a few words 05/11/10 3

4 4 11/05/10 11/05/10

5 A series of events with the following objectives
11/05/10 11/05/10 A series of events with the following objectives Massively communicate about Agile Our primary mission is to conduct a 'Mass Communication' about our development practices throughout the months of October and November. We want to communicate everywhere there is an audience in order to attract massive attention to our new professional approach. Share our visions of Agile Since Agile is constantly evolving, we want to be open to new horizons while also contributing our understanding, interpretation and ideas to the agile community. Federate Encourage leadership in all regions of the world in the agile arena, while being consistent with agile culture and self-organization. Support Assist our colleagues and local businesses in their adoption of Agile In resume, the mission of AgileTour is to create leaderships and leaders on Agile in all regions of the world in order to do a mass communication on Agile and impact the profesional world. AgileTour is an action that is intended to make emerge non-profit organizations and enterprise who base their foundation on Agile. 5 5

6 Organization Three types of teams: Local Organizers (You)
11/05/10 11/05/10 Organization Three types of teams: Local Organizers (You) Teams that organize and manage the event locally (by finding local speakers, sponsors, and venue). General Organizer's Committee A team that coach the overall project and helps share operating budget across regions. Public Research Team A team that organizes the review and presentation of research papers. 6 6

7 Role of the Global Organization
11/05/10 Role of the Global Organization The global organization is primarily focused on: Finding new groups and cities for the next event Facilitating the global discussion: start the event with this document, trigger debate, support the different local organizations Communicating about the event globally Setting up common resources—web site, registration system, communication tools, give-aways, etc. Collecting funds from global sponsors Synthesizing budgets and feedback from local events Following the budgets of certain local events The global organization will arbitrate between local organizers to make decisions that affect the entire organization. Still, it will intervene as little as possible in local matters, since the objective is that each organization should become autonomous and self-organized around a local network of people. 7

8 How can I become an Agile Tour Organizer?
11/05/10 How can I become an Agile Tour Organizer? 8

9 How to be a local organizer?
11/05/10 How to be a local organizer? Local organizers must: Verify the pre-requisites listed in the next section Propose a Team, a Budget, a Venue and fill the following application: And send the application back to us at Once we've accepted your application to be in the Agile Tour, we'll notify you and list your city and contact information on the web site. 9

10 Pre-requisites for becoming an Organizer
11/05/10 11/05/10 Pre-requisites for becoming an Organizer Organizers and cities are considered using different criteria. Organizers must: Understand the domain of Agile Find at least two collaborators, from two different companies Be willing to work on a team as well as to work independently while taking individual responsibility for the project Be able to manage the local work like an Agile Project Desire to work in an international event 10 10

11 To nominate your city We'll ask you to: Define: a budget
11/05/10 To nominate your city We'll ask you to: Define: a budget an audience and estimated quantity of attendees recruit other local volunteers Select: A venue (preferably free or low-cost) A date for the event in October 11

12 Why become an organizer of Agile Tour?
11/05/10 Why become an organizer of Agile Tour? 12

13 Motivations You would like to:
11/05/10 Motivations You would like to: Create or maintain a local community in your city or region Help us communicate on a massive scale to influence software professionals at the same time in the same way Increase the attendance at your meetings Attract local attention for a global event Tailor this global event to your local audience Hear speakers from other cities Develop your professional network Enhance your understanding of Agile Become leaders of Agile in World Possibility to become an Agile Ambassador Find more local sponsors for your event 13

14 Local Potential Joining the Agile Tour will allow you to:
11/05/10 Local Potential Joining the Agile Tour will allow you to: Use surplus funds that you've generated through sponsors to throw events of a similar nature. Learn how to organize an event if you don't already know how, by getting support from your colleagues near and afar Be recognized as an authority on agility in your city Benefit from the network between regions and countries that will help your future events Recognize local contributors to the agile movement Use the Agile Tour web site, for non-profit purposes, to reach your audience Take advantage of the "AT2010 Organizer" logo, for personal or commercial purposes, for marketing on-line and paper communications. 14

15 The expected conference
11/05/10 The expected conference 15

16 11/05/10 11/05/10 Conference format In order for a city to be accepted into the tour, organizers must propose at least: ½ day program one room with an expected audience of : 50 people minimum The best candidates shwo a potential of more than 60 people and a full-day conference. Distinct content, tailored to each city, could include any of the following themes: Agile Project Management (eXtreme Programming, Crystal, Scrum, Lean Software Development, DSDM, etc) Experience Reports Communication Managing Teams Finance Contracts Agile Companies Tools Quality Performance 16 16

17 What's involved in local management of the Agile Tour?
11/05/10 What's involved in local management of the Agile Tour? 17

18 Agile management of an event
11/05/10 11/05/10 Agile management of an event Time Box of days Define goals that are easy to obtain in a periodic manner Retrospective Consider, at regular intervals, on how to become more effective Optimized work Support self organization for better efficiency Communication Contact a diverse population (government, universities, employers, etc) and also know how to work with local peers Event Projet Organize a project event Osmotic Communication Take advantage of osmotic communication by using shared tools Event Principles Work in accordance to the event’s values of reciprocity, equality, and transparency. 18 18

19 Method of work Agile management (time box, retrospectives)
11/05/10 Method of work Agile management (time box, retrospectives) Build the project around motivated individuals Build the best program by valuing diverse points of view Shared tools: Mailing List Wiki ( Skype Forum 19

20 As local organizers You are encouraged to:
11/05/10 11/05/10 As local organizers You are encouraged to: Make decisions without asking the board, assuming they comply with local law and the principles of the Agile Tour. Choose the date of the event (in October or November). Define the target audience Ask for any kind of help from other organizations 20 20

21 11/05/10 11/05/10 Budget Based on the offer of Free or Low-Cost Conferences, the local and general organizing committees depend on volunteers. The success of this project also depends on finding sponsors. This event is affordable for all because we want to attract a large number of attendees. To limit the number of registrations, we use a shared on-line conference site. This on-line registration system can be de-activated as soon as you reach your maximum capacity. Note: For free events, there is always a percent of registrants that won't show up, even after confirmation.  This percentage is regional, for example in Paris it could be 50% while it could be 25% in Grenoble.  Please consider this when setting your registration limits. 21 21

22 Principles Principle of reciprocal support Principle of equality
11/05/10 Principles Principle of reciprocal support We rely on the principle of reciprocal support to organize the Agile Tour. If we want a global success, we ask all local organizers to act in the interests of the whole community, as well as when communicating any problems they may encounter. The global organization will provide all support possible to finalize each event if you request help. Financial help is only planned in the event that global sponsors raise enough money to purchase give-aways. Principle of equality In order to create a true local community, we ask you to respect the following: One company may not appear more than twice on the same program One person may not present more than 2 topics in the same city Principle of Transparency For the same reasons as above, organizers from any given company must agree to consider topics submitted by employees of competing companies. 22

23 Potential Means of Communication
11/05/10 11/05/10 Potential Means of Communication Seek out means of communication beyond your normal networks-- some organizations are ready to help: local and regional press trade journals/web sites government  student associations bloggers / internet social networking sites etc. 23 23

24 Insurance (where applicable)
11/05/10 Insurance (where applicable) To cover liability concerns, when required, we recommend you get in touch with an existing local agile group or other local association.  If you don't know of one, you may find it at Please verify that the associated organization has insurance applicable to this conference.  If not, please contact us to ensure we can arrange for insurance in advance. 24

25 11/05/10 Banking Along the same vein as insurance, we recommend that you open a local bank account independent of the Agile Tour to better accept checks in your local currency and to help decentralize expenditures.   Our intent is to help you become independent before and after the event. In the case of any pre-authorized expenditure you cannot cover, the centralized treasury will require receipts for reimbursement, plus an explanation of how this was related either to the Agile Tour or to any other related event. 25

26 Access to Participant Data
11/05/10 Access to Participant Data Candidate city data will be available to local and general organizers, through a the web Agile Tour site. The database does not have any time limits or data purging policy. Our sole request is that it not be used for any advertising.  The data may not be shared. 26

27 11/05/10 Sponsors Sponsoring is a way to subsidize conference costs and a way to realize your event. We propose the following sponsoring model: 27

28 Our first steps Local Organizer's Team (LOs) Select venue and date
11/05/10 11/05/10 Our first steps Local Organizer's Team (LOs) Select venue and date Start using the portal site for communication Set a budget Look for sponsors General Organizer’s Team Call for volunteers Call for speakers Synchronization of LOs (Dates, budget) Look for sponsors 05/11/10 28 28

29 Information about insurance
11/05/10 11/05/10 Information about insurance With the support of international organizations such as "Agile World University & Univercity", you may benefit from: Insurance Bank account 29 29

30 11/05/10 Videos All videos taken during the event will contain one or more pages containing the AgileTour logo.  You accept too to provide to Agile Tour and AgileWorld University and Univercity the rights to publish all documents, photos and videos on all possible support : Internet, paper, publishing, etc. 30

31 11/05/10 11/05/10 Call for speakers A call for contributions will be launched after finalizing the list of cities and dates (mid May). 31 31

32 Terminaison Agile Tour is founded on simple terms of Leadership:
11/05/10 11/05/10 Terminaison Agile Tour is founded on simple terms of Leadership: As an organizer, you are the sole person responsible for our continued collaboration At any moment, you may leave Agile Tour and continue your work as you wish, assuming you keep your commitments to the local organization In such circumstances, Agile Tour will consider its initial support of your event a success, and wishes you good luck in future endeavors. 32 32

33 11/05/10 11/05/10 To find out more… For more information about AgileTour, send us an to : 33 33

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