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1 Pathogenesis Violet Song. 2 Why How 19 items of pathogenesis (mentioned by the Yellow Emperor)

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1 1 Pathogenesis Violet Song

2 2 Why How 19 items of pathogenesis (mentioned by the Yellow Emperor)

3 3 Compare Symptoms/Zheng Syndrome/Zheng/paten Disease/Bing (Body sign)

4 4 1. 代则气衰 If the pulse is intermittent, this means that the qi is collapsing. --17 THE METHODS OF PULSE EXAMINATION

5 5 Dai Mai (Regularly intermittent) Jie Mai (Irregularly intermittent)

6 6 Case 1 Female 21 The patient has oppressed chest, dizzy, fatigue after a common cold since 1 year before. The symptoms getting worse this week because of common cold attack. She’s been treated in hospital as viral myocarditis. But the symptoms remain still. HR: 42/min Hospital suggestion: heart pacer, but she refused She has the above symptoms accompanied with short of breath after activities, palpitation, aversion to cold T-swollen tongue body with thin white coating P-slow with regularly /irregularly intermittent pulse (Jie & Dai)

7 7 DD: Qi and blood deficiency leads to pulse disconnection Zhi Gan Cao Tang modi –Zhi Gan Cao 15, Huang Qi 30, Dang Shen 10, –Dan Shen 30, Rou Gui 6, Dang Gui 10 –Suan Zao Ren 10, Gui Zhi 10, Mai Dong 10 –Da Zao 12 pc, Sheng Jiang 10

8 8 Soak the herbs in water for 20min and then add 10 drops of liquor After 5 bags of formula, she felt symptoms obviously relived. HR:45/min Pulse getting regular –+ Fu Zi 15 After another 5 bags, HR: 60/min Total: 32 bags

9 9 2. 诸风掉眩皆属于肝 Symptoms of tremors and shaking of the limbs, dizziness, and vertigo are usually caused by wind and associated with the liver --74 ESSENTIALS OF DISEASE AND THERAPY

10 10 Male 35 The patient has trembling hands and worse on the right hand. He even can’t spell normally, nor handle a cup. He was diagnosed as Writer' s cramp syndrome. Distention in epigastrium, bad sleep with dreams, normal stools P- wiry slow on right pulse, wiry thin on left side T-red tongue body with thin yellow coating

11 11 Liv GB heat with phlegm Chai Qin Wen Dan Tang –Cu Chai Hu 8, Huang Qin 12, Qing Pi 6 –Chen Pi 6, Ban Xia 10, Fu Ling 15, –Chao Zhi Shi 10, Shi Chang Pu 12, Tian Ma 10 –Yuan Zhi 12, Gou Teng 12, Long Gu 20 –Mu Li 20, Zhi Gan Cao 6

12 12 After 5 bags treatment, his sleep and epigastric distention get better, trembling hands relieved a bit. P-wiry slow T-thin white coating –+ Si Gua Luo 10, Sheng Di Huang 12 His trembling hands were controlled after taking 7 bags of formula.

13 13 3. 诸湿肿满接属于脾 Symptoms of edema, bloating, and distension are usually caused by dampness and associated with the spleen --74 ESSENTIALS OF DISEASE AND THERAPY

14 14 Case 4 Female 60 The patient has edema in face and limbs, the edema area sunken while pressing it. Epigastric and abdominal distention, upset in epigastrium, dry mouth without desire for water, poor appetite, once defecation in 2 days P-deep slow T-thin white greasy coating

15 15 DD: SP yang deficiency with water retention Shi Pi Yin modi –Fu Ling 15, Bai Zhu 10, Mu Gua 10 –Cao Guo 10, Mu Xiang 5, Da Fu Pi 12 –Zhi Fu Pian 8, Hou Po 8, Sha Ren 6 –Zhi Gan Cao 6

16 16 After 5 bags treatment, his epigastric and abdominal distention has cured, no dry mouth, but still with upset in epigastrium and poor appetite –Take Cao Guo, Zhi Fu Pian, Da Fu Pi, Hou Po out, add Chao Zhi Ke 10, Chen Pi 6, Su Geng 8, He Ye 10 All the symptoms been solved after 5 bags formula.

17 17 4. 诸气膹郁,皆属于肺 Symptoms of rapid, labored breathing, chest tightness, and obstruction are caused by dryness and related to the lungs --74 ESSENTIALS OF DISEASE AND THERAPY

18 18 Case 5 Male 6 The patient has cough for 2 months with little phlegm. The hospital give him diagnose of bronchitis and prescribed anti-inflammation drugs but without effects. Normal stools, appetite T-normal

19 19 DD: LU qi fail to disperse, with bit body fluid injury San Ao Tang modi –Ma Huang Rong 3, Xing Ren 8, Gan Cao 4 –Tian Hua Fen 8, Qian Hu 8, Fang Feng 3 –Wu Wei Zi 6, Jie Geng 6 The patient recovered after 3 bags formula

20 20 5. 诸病水液,澄彻清冷,皆属于寒 Symptoms of chills and diarrhea with clear and watery stools are usually caused by cold --74 ESSENTIALS OF DISEASE AND THERAPY

21 21 Case 10 Female 39 The patient has lumber region pain for 4 years, fatigue, short of breath, bad sleep with dreams Large quantity of watery leucorrhea, swollen eye lids, normal urine and stools T- Dark swollen tongue body with thin white coating P-deep slow Urine test: clear

22 22 DD: Cold damp accumulation Shen Zhuo Tang –Fu Ling 15, Gui Zhi 10, Chao Bai Zhu 10 –Gan Jiang 8, Zhi Gan Cao 6, Chao Suan Zao Ren 15 –Ban Xia 10, Xing Ren 10, Yi Yi Ren 15

23 23 After taking 4 bags of formula, her lumbago, leucorrhea, swollen eye lids all get better, but still has dreamy sleep, swollen tongue body + Huo Xiang 10, Cao Guo 10, He Hua Pi 20 After 5 bags, cured

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