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Parliament Triumphs in England

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1 Parliament Triumphs in England
Chapter 4 Sec. 3 Parliament Triumphs in England

2 Parliament’s Influence
Tudor Monarchs (Henry VIII and Elizabeth I) Good relationship with Parliament Regularly consulted but controlled through agents (knew the King’s wishes) Magna Carta’s influence - Parliament approval of raised taxes Elizabeth died childless - changes relations

3 Parliament’s Influence
Stuart Monarchs 1603 James I (relative and King of Scotland) Agreed to rule according to English law Soon claimed divine right and absolute power Dissolved Parliament and collected own taxes Clashed with dissenters of Church of England Puritans - “purify” the Church of Catholic practices

4 Charles I 1625 inherits the throne and behaves like an absolute monarch Needs Parliament to raise money Forced to sign the Petition of Right Prohibited raising taxes w/out consent Prohibited jailing w/out legal justification Soon dissolved Parliament again (1629) and ignored the Petition

5 Civil War For 11 years Charles I creates enemies
Parliament Puritans Forced strict Anglican rules Imposed the Anglican prayer book on Scotland 1640 summoned Parliament Funds to repress revolt Parliament launched its own revolt

6 Civil War Parliament Cavaliers and Roundheads
Tried and executed Charles I’s chief ministers, calls for abolition of bishops Charles sends troops into the House of Commons Escape and raise their own army Cavaliers and Roundheads Supporters of Charles I (wealthy nobles) Country gentry, town manufacturers, Puritan clergy - led by Oliver Cromwell

7 England as a Commonwealth
Charles I is executed (1649) Shocked Europe House of Commons in control led by Cromwell Charles II attacks from Ireland, Scotland as heir to the throne Cromwell led forces into Ireland, crushes and implements harsh measures against Irish Catholics (forced to live in poor West Ireland)

8 End of the Commonwealth
Division between social classes Cromwell rules as a dictator to counter challenges Puritans gained a large influence on social life Cromwell dies in 1658 and a newly elected Parliament invites the return of Charles II

9 Restoration Return of the Monarcchy Charles II was a popular ruler
Return to social life Religious toleration Dealt with Parliament James II inherits the throne in 1685 Suspended laws, brought back Catholic influence Parliament invites daughter (Mary and William III) of Orange to become rulers James II fleas to France

10 Glorious Revolution The bloodless overthrow of King James II
William and Mary had to accept several Acts passed by Congress that became known as the English Bill of Rights Parliament superior House of Commons control of money Monarch could not suspend laws Established Habeas Corpus Barred Catholics from being Monarch Toleration Act allowed religious freedom to others

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