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Class of 2015 Advisory 2/4/15. AHS Senior Project Step 3… Written Component 2015.

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1 Class of 2015 Advisory 2/4/15

2 AHS Senior Project Step 3… Written Component 2015

3 What now? Let’s see how well you are making progress on your senior project, and what you should focus on next…

4 Grades  In eschool/HAC you will receive a grade for each major assignment.  You will see a Pass or Fail for assignments, and a number for your background research.  You need to earn a 16 to PASS your research paper. Continue to resubmit if you have not earned a 16. Attach draft rubrics, please.

5  Students with missing assignments should have received a slip indicating which pieces are missing.  Turn items in ASAP to Ms. Mlodzinski, Mrs. Sharkey, or (if Wednesday) to your advisory teacher.

6 Which assignments are past due? You should be keeping Senior Project work in a safe place. If you turned in 2 copies of each assignment, you should have completed copies of; – Topic Approval – Signed Parent Letter – Background research (draft and final CLEAN copy) – Resume

7 What do I have to do next? The Written Component will complete the main portions of your portfolio. Turn in on FEB 25 th : – Reflection Paper To complete for your portfolio in March: – Introduction – Experience Log

8 Introduction  ½ page - titled as: Introduction  Explain your project, giving the topic, some basic information, and what type of project it is.  You may use, “I” in this component.  Keep this as a page SEPARATE from Research and Reflection.

9 Reflection (due 2/25)  2-3 pages - titled as: Reflection  This paper can be in the first person (“I”) and does not need citations.  Describe the process of your project, what you did, what you learned, and why it will help you in the future.  Tell the outcome of your project (if you had an event or creative project.)

10 Experience Log  As you work on your project, update your experience log.  All 3 project types must complete this. It documents steps you go through during the process, from selecting your topic to completing your project.  Include photos, notes and signatures from interviews or service hours as appropriate.

11  You can make your own or download a copy from the senior project website to fill in.

12  There is an example log on the website, with examples of entries for each project type.

13 Background Research  The rough draft and final draft (a clean copy) will both become part of the written component.

14 Portfolio  The portfolio will contain all of the documentation you have collected for your project:  Table of contents  Resume  Topic approval form  Parent letter  Experience Log  Rough draft of your background research  The final draft of your research  Documentation of service learning hours or product completion, if necessary (separate from Experience Log)

15 Portfolio cont. The Portfolio is graded! It should be clean, organized, and the work inside should represent your best efforts. A binder with divider tabs are recommended. Your resume should be in the correct format- make changes if you were advised to do so. Print and include a clean copy of your research final draft.

16 Presentation  On March 20 th, you will present your senior project to a panel of 3-4 faculty members.  Your presentation will include:  An introduction including your 4-year journey through high school  Information about your topic  Information about your product, how it was made and how it relates to your topic  Consider using a Powerpoint to keep you on track.

17 Discussion To clarify: the next due date is Feb 25 th for your REFLECTION PAPER ONLY. All late work should be turned in ASAP. You should begin organizing your Portfolio and finishing up the project between now and March 20 th ; Presentation day. If you need copies of items for your portfolio, you can fill out a request sheet during upcoming advisory classes.

18 Exit Ticket This is the home stretch!!! Stay FOCUSED and Get. It. DONE!

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