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Terminal Safety. Objectives Identify main causes Outline terminal safety organization State the safe working practices.

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1 Terminal Safety

2 Objectives Identify main causes Outline terminal safety organization State the safe working practices




6 Consequences of Accidents Cost to Individuals 1Pain, loss of work, loss of income 2Loss of limbs, end of working life 3death, loss of breadwinner 4Low morale of colleagues

7 Consequences of Accidents Cost to the port / terminal 1Disruption of operations 2Administrative work 3Compensation ( individual, cargo owner, transport owner ) 4Repair costs 5Increased insurance costs 6Damage to reputation


9 Major Danger Factors 1Large, Heavy, Fast moving equipment 2Size and activity of terminal 3Mixture of equipment, vehicles and pedestrians 424 hour working 5Weather

10 Human Error As Cause of Accident 1Not paying attention 2Lack of job knowledge and skills 3Taking short cuts 4Showing off 5Poor mental state 6Poor physical state

11 Establishing a Company Safety Culture 1Set up a safety organization 2Establish a safety policy 3Set company safety rules and regulations 4Lay down safe working procedures 5Publish a safety handbook 6Provide safety training


13 Duties of Safety Officer 1Advise management 2Liaisons with outside bodies 3Inspect working areas and reports defects 4Coordinates accident investigations 5Analyses accidents and makes recommendations 6Keeps accident records 7Assists preparation of safety procedures and policies 8Maintains a safety library

14 Duties Safety Representative 1Represents staff in discussion with management 2Attends safety committee meetings 3Investigates hazards 4Investigates health and safety complaints 5Reports concerns and complaints 6Inspects working areas 7Represents staff in discussions with health and safety officials

15 Responsibilities of the Safety Committee 1Acts as consultative committee on health and safety 2Reviews and improves health and safety arrangements 3Promotes health and safety awareness 4Makes recommendations on hazards, safe working etc 5Monitors accident statistics and takes action

16 Safe Working on the Terminal Code of safe working practices

17 Safe Working on the container Terminal 1Safety by design 2General safety principles 3Safe access to the terminal 4Safe working practices 5emergencies


19 Segregation Principles 1Separate operational and non operational areas 2separate vehicles from handling equipment and pedestrians 3Transport pedestrians in vehicles 4Activate safety stops 5Demarcate work areas 6Separate off special work areas

20 Rules of General Safety 1Obey all terminal safety rules 2Follow all special safety instructions 3Observe safe systems of work 4Use all safety equipment provided 5Do not smoke on the terminal 6Cooperate fully on all safety matters 7Avoid all distractions during work 8Learn the terminal layout 9Report all injuries immediately 10Report all defects and hazards

21 Safe Access 1Access to the quayside and vessel 2Access to restricted operational areas 3Access for cargo receipt and delivery 4Access for operational and engineering reasons

22 Signs

23 Ships Safety Notice 1Plan of terminal 2Danger warning 3Keep to walkways 4Use bus service 5Bus timetable 6Request bus service 7Emergency procedure

24 Instruction to Drivers See checklist

25 Access for Operational and Engineering Reasons 1Access for vehicle breakdown repairs 2Access for retrieval and testing of equipment 3Access for civil maintenance 4Access for operational reasons




29 Safe Working Practices 1Safe equipment driving 2Safe working at heights 3Safe manual working 4Protective equipment 5Safe working conditions 6Good housekeeping

30 Equipment Driving Rules 1Only trained, authorized drivers 2Only fit drivers 3Start up checks 4Drive safely 5Handle cargo safely

31 Equipment Start Up Checks 1Tires, windscreens, mirrors and guards 2Condition of lifting/carrying mechanism 3Lights, horns, flashers 4Fuel, Oil 5Brakes, steering, indicators 6Operation of lifting/carrying mechanism 7Clear entry with control

32 Safe Driving Obey traffic rules Keep speed limits Drive smoothly Reduce speed on corners Take weather in account Follow marked roadways Look where you are going Never carry passengers Carry all movable attachments low Report hazards immediately Obey safety stop immediately If tyre punctures, stop and report Park safely with brakes on and engine off

33 Handle Containers Safely Use correct attachment Do not exceed safe lifting capacity Engage attachment correctly Allow for extra length Carry the load low Lift clear of stacks Choose safe driving position

34 Access to Container Tops Mobile powered hoist Platform or cage raised by lift truck Mobile platform Scaffolding tower Ladder





39 Safe Working Conditions 1Lighting levelsRoutes 5 lux working areas 20 lux 2Signs and markings 3Work area conditions

40 Emergency Precautions and Procedures First aid Fire fighting Emergency rescues Emergency services

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