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Ms. Bowman Shoulder Evaluation.

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1 Ms. Bowman Shoulder Evaluation

2 Anatomy Review

3 Anatomy Review

4 Anatomy Review

5 History Location of pain Onset Activity-Sports, lifting MOI S/S
Prior Injury

6 Inspection Lateral Structures General Anterior Structures
Deltoid muscle groups Acromion process-Step Deformity Position of the humerus Posterior Structures Alignment of the spinal vertebrae Position of the scapula Muscle tone General Position of head Position of the arm Anterior Structures Level of the shoulders Contour of the clavicles Symmetry of the deltoid muscle groups Anterior humerus Biceps brachii

7 Palpation Scapula Anterior Structures Humerus Spine of the scapula
Superior angle Inferior angle Rotator cuff Teres major Rhomboids Levator scapulae Trapezius Latissimus dorsi Tricepts Brachii Palpation Anterior Structures Jugular notch SC ligament Clavicular Shaft Acromion process-Piano Key Sign Coracoid process Pectoralis major Pectoralis minor Deltoid muscle group Humerus Humeral head Coracobrachialis Greater/lesser tuberosities Biceps brachii Bicipital groove Long head tendon Humeral Shaft Short head tendon

8 ROM Tests Flexion Extension Abduction Adduction Internal Rotation
External Rotation Horizontal Abduction Horizontal Adduction Apley’s Scratch Tests

9 Ligamentous Tests SC Glide AC Glide GH Glide
Anterior Apprehension Test

10 Neurological Tests Upper Quarter Screen Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
Adson’s Test Allen’s Test

11 Special Tests Acromioclavicular Joint Glenohumeral Pathology
AC Traction Test AC Compression Test Glenohumeral Pathology Posterior Apprehension Test Sulcus Sign Biceps Tendon Pathology Yergason’s Test Speed’s Test Rotator Cuff Pathology Drop Arm Test Neer Impingement Test Hawkins Shoulder Impingement Test Empty Can Test

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