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Constable Dan Walton Marlene Van Eden Dawn Vickers

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1 Constable Dan Walton Marlene Van Eden Dawn Vickers
You and Elder Abuse Constable Dan Walton Marlene Van Eden Dawn Vickers

2 You and Elder Abuse What is Elder Abuse?
Have you witnessed Elder Abuse? Can you make a difference? Why should I care? Does this really effect me and my family? Speak to what your audience thinks elder abuse is , how they have witnessed and can they change the pattern , you should talk about elder abuse being the same as domestic and child abuse.

3 You and Elder Abuse Elder abuse is any action or inaction by self or others that jeopardizes the heath or well being of an older adult. This includes physical, emotional, psychological, financial, sexual or medical abuse, as well as passive or active neglect. Defines elder abuse

4 Where does elder abuse take place?
You and Elder Abuse Where does elder abuse take place? Elder abuse takes place where the senior lives: most often in the home where the abuser are apt to be adult children, other family members or spouses /partners of elders. Institutional settings especially long term care facilities can also be sources of elder abuse. Where elder abuse takes place, talk about that elder abuse is usually a family or a care giver

5 You and Elder Abuse Physical Abuse Assaults by Kicking Slapping
Punching Striking with objects Deliberate exposure to severe weather Physical abuse described

6 You and Elder Abuse Psychological Abuse Humiliation Isolation
Intimidation Threats Removal of decision making powers Verbal insults, yelling Psychological abuse described talk about threats of being put in their room and care home can be abuse

7 You and Elder Abuse Financial Abuse Misuse of funds Property Fraud
Trickery or Force Talk about misuse of an elders personal checks credit cards or accounts, getting sign authority , power of attorney to take over their accounts have the senior found incompetent ,steal checks income checks, cash household goods forgery of their signatures, identity theft, also talk about how they are used on announcements of prize send money scam , phone charities and investment fraud elder abuse financially is the most hard hit for seniors around the world.

8 You and Elder Abuse Sexual Abuse Any forced sexual activity:
Verbal or suggestive behavior Fondling Sexual intercourse Lack of personal privacy Being forced to commit degrading acts Unnecessary help with dressing/hygiene Sexual assaults are not as main stream or reported in Canada and north America, but elders are subject to this indignity,

9 You and Elder Abuse Medication Abuse On purpose or by accident
Withholding medication Overmedicating Not complying with prescription refills Use of medication to over medicate and control elders in private and care homes has become an issue, also drugging seniors so that they are able to have them sign over power or attorney etc.

10 You and Elder Abuse Neglect
Lack of action required to meet needs of the elderly Inadequate provision of food, clothing, shelter medication and social companionship Minimal personal care Neglect is common amongst frustrated care givers common amongst family taking over control of money and not allowing elders to have proper food clothing etc

11 You and Elder Abuse Passive Neglect
Unintentional failure to fulfill a caretaking obligation Infliction of distress without conscious or willful intent Describes neglect,

12 You and Elder Abuse Active Neglect
Intentional failure to fulfill care giving obligations, infliction of physical or emotional stress or injury Abandonment, denial of food, medication, personal hygiene Family or facility use this as way of punishment to gain control or prove a point, this is scene where family members have elder living in the home

13 You and Elder Abuse For next page. ……Risk as a perpetrator increases with the abuser is: Male Under age 60 Being related A primary caregiver Living with or has easy unsupervised access Experiencing change from being cared for to being the care provider Has a prior history of violence Has a history of mental illness Bratteli 2003

14 You and Elder Abuse Theories of Abuse Learning Theory
Physical/Mental Dependence Pathologic Abusers Feminist Theory Stressed Caregiver Societal Attitudes Despite research being in its early stages there are a few theories that address the cause of elder abuse. One factor or a number of factors could result in the abuse. These theories include: Social Learning Theory - Or transgenerational violence theory states, that violence is a learned behaviour pattern in some families. A child observes violence as an acceptable reaction to stress/anger/frustration which then becomes internalized as a behaviour. This, in turn, leads to a cyclical family pattern where the abused becomes the abuser." If elder abuse is a case of spouse abuse the situation can be reversed. "If the abusive spouse becomes ill or disabled the previously abused partner may now be in a position to retaliate and become the abuser." Physical/Mental dependence (Exchange Theory)- elderly persons who have a severe mental or physical impairment are more vulnerable and therefore more likely to be abused. Whenever there is a relationship in which one person is dependent and another person has the helping or care giving role, there is the potential for misuse of power by the caregiver. Pathologic Abusers - The abusers having personality or character deficits that cause abusive behavior. Overuse of drugs and alcohol on the part of the abuser as well as those with developmental disabilities or mental illness are more likely to be abusive than those without these conditions. As caregivers, these barriers prevent the caregiver from possessing the decision making capacity to make appropriate judgments for their elderly parents but nevertheless are thrust into this role. Feminist Theory This theory is based on domestic violence models and highlights the role of violence among men as a way to demonstrate power. Stressed Caregiver (Situational Model) - This theory proposes that internal & external stresses builds and may erupt as violence. The stress may be due to the conflicting demand on the caregiver by various household members. If there is no escape for the caregiver, abuse may occur." Societal Attitudes (Political Economic Theory) – focuses on the marginalization of elderly in Society. This theory states that negatives attitudes dehumanize elders and make it easier for the abusers to victimize without remorse. The elderly are often stereotyped as frail, incompetent and powerless." Source: Golden Years Hidden Fears by: Virginia Boyack, (1997)

15 You and Elder Abuse SIGNS OF ABUSE Unexplained bruises or welts
Injuries that are incompatible with the explanation Cuts, pinch marks, lacerations Malnourished or dehydrated Untreated medical attention Home in need of repairs

16 You and Elder Abuse Signs Continued.. Confused, frightened
Withdrawn and forgetful Depressed, helpless Disoriented about time and place Telling impulsive stories Hesitant to talk freely

17 You and Elder Abuse Signs Continued…
Significant withdraws form the elder’s account Sudden changes in financial conditions Items of cash missing from seniors household Suspicious changes in wills, power of attorney, titles and policy Signs of financial abuse

18 You and Elder Abuse Signs Continued…
Additions to names in senior’s signing card Unpaid bills or lack of medical care, senior unable to pay for these services Unexplained ATM uses when senior not there Unnecessary services, goods and subscriptions Financial abuse continued

19 You and Elder Abuse WHAT CAN YOU LOOK FOR…. Watch for warning signs
Watch elder’s medication if in care at home or facility Watch for signs of financial abuse Stay in touch make sure the elder never is isolated at home or long term care

20 You and Elder Abuse Risk Factors Among Caregivers
Inability to manage the level of stress Depression (common among caregivers) Lack of support from other potential caregiver Substance abuse Caregivers perception that care giving of the elder is burdensome and without psychological reward Caregivers and what may cause them to abuse Behavior traits of the older person. The nature of the tasks that have to be performed on a daily basis. Frustration experienced by the care provider. The care provider’s sense of isolation. Lack of services and/or other community support.

21 You and Elder Abuse Even caregivers in institutional
settings can experience stress at levels that lead to Elder Abuse. Nursing home staff may be prone to elder abuse if they: Lack training Have too many responsibilities Are unsuited to care giving or Work under poor conditions As portrayed in Happy Gilmore by Ben Stiller elders can be abused and missed used in intuitional settings, caregiver may not be suited for working there and has obtained employment through less than proper training. What is also disturbing is that this section of the video was one of the most downloaded files by young people.

22 Protective Factors for Older Persons
You and Elder Abuse Protective Factors for Older Persons Older persons are less likely to be abused or neglected if: They are aware of their rights Have a strong self esteem Have positive relationships within family Are served by well trained, well paid staff with high staff-resident ratios and Social connectedness at a community level New Zealand Study: Developing coping strategies to manage stress, loss and aging Importance of staying involved with neighbors, friends, church and community Increasing rather than decreasing social network as we age Having friends visit you at home and having a best friend Finding out about community resources before they are needed Being on a major transportation route reducing isolation Utilizing professionals – lawyers, accountants, bank staff to protect assets Quality care facilities with trained, well paid staff and effective, efficient monitoring systems In China, 412 people age 60+ were surveyed: having someone to listen to and talk to (OR = 0.18, 95% CI, ) having someone to get you good advice from (OR = 0.15 ( )) having someone to show love and affection to (OR = 0.30 ( )) having someone available who can help with daily chores (OR = 0.43 ( )) having contact with someone they can trust and confide in (OR = 0.08 ( )), and having someone they can count on for emotional support

23 Preventing Elder Abuse
You and Elder Abuse Preventing Elder Abuse LISTEN to seniors and their caregivers INTERVENING when you suspect elder abuse EDUCATING others about how to recognize and report elder abuse

24 You and Elder Abuse What Caregivers Can Do To Prevent Elder Abuse…
If they feel overwhelmed by demands of caring for an elder do the following: Request help from friends, family, relatives, local respite care agencies, get a break so you are not frustrated Caregivers advice and assistance Utilize caregiver support systems and respite

25 You and Elder Abuse Caregiver Assistance Continued:
Find Adult daycare program Stay healthy and take care of yourself Adopt stress reduction practices Seek counseling for depression Find support groups If abusing substances to cope get help Tips for family caregiver if elder living in the home

You and Elder Abuse HOW TO PROTECT YOURSELF AS AN ELDER Make sure financial and legal affairs are in order. If they are not, get advise from legal or trusted friend or family. Keep in touch with family and friends. Don’t isolate yourself. Keep possessions organized Checks directly deposited Screen calls by answering machine and call display Open your own mail and mail your own correspondence as well Keep valuables tucked away and locked up Do not keep too much cash on hand Have a best friend Making arrangements for the future such as power of attorney Get legal advice before signing agreements Awareness of finances Tell someone you trust where important paper and bank info is kept Maintain the same doctor/clinic/dentist/clergy and keep regular appointments

27 You and Elder Abuse If you are unhappy with the care you are getting speak out, whether at home or care facility, SPEAK UP! Tell someone you trust to assist and report abuse, neglect or substandard care Get help and report

28 You and Elder Abuse Contact Lethbridge Regional Police Diversity Unit, Dan Walton Lethbridge Seniors Citizens Organization, Marlene Van Eden Supports Services Coordinator City of Lethbridge, Dawn Vickers

29 You and Elder Abuse Thank you for your time and attention!
We are always here to help so don’t hesitate to call Questions ?????????????

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