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Ch. 15 and 6 Naming and Writing Formulas for Ionic Compounds.

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1 Ch. 15 and 6 Naming and Writing Formulas for Ionic Compounds

2 Writing Formulas for Binary Ionic Compounds Ch. 6 A. Formula Unit: the lowest whole-number ratio of ions in an ionic compound

3 Writing Formulas for Binary Ionic Compounds B. Rules: 1.Write symbol and charge for both cation and anion. 2.Crisscross the numbers for the charges and write as subscripts. 3.CHECK!! The formula must be in the lowest possible ratio of ions (this means reduce). The cation is always written first!

4 practice problems Write formulas for these compounds: A. calcium iodide Ca I +2- CaI 2 21

5 B. Aluminum sulfide Al S Al 2 S 3 +3 -2 3 2

6 O C. Tin (IV) oxide Sn +4 Sn 2 O 4 SnO 2 4 2

7 Be O BeO +2 -2 D. Beryllium Oxide 2 2 Be 2 O 2

8 Naming Binary Ionic Compounds 1.) Name the cation. Use Roman Numerals if Transition Metal. 2.) Name the anion. Drop their last names ending, put –ide in its place NaCl Sodium Ion Chlorine Ion Sodium Chloride (Middle Name, a roman numeral)

9 Naming Binary Ionic Compounds that contain a transition metal Use Roman numerals (middle name) to show the charge of the ion. Many of these elements can form more than one ion: Cr 2+ Chromium II or Cr 3+ Chromium III Cu + Copper I or Cu 2+ Copper II Mn 2+ Manganese II or Mn 3+ Manganese III Fe 2+ Iron II or Fe 3+ Iron III Co 2+ Cobalt II or Co 3+ Cobalt III Sn 2+ Tin II or Sn 4+ Tin IV Pb 2+ Lead II or Pb 4+ Lead IV Zn 1+ Zinc I or Zn 2+ Zinc II Ni 2+ Nickel II or Ni 3+ Nickel III

10 SnS 2 Naming Binary Ionic Compounds Use Middle Name Tin (IV) Find Sn Where is it located? -2 Sulfide

11 B.) CuBr 2 practice problems A.) KCl Potassium chloride Copper (II) bromide C.) AlF 3 Aluminum fluoride D.) MgO Magnesium oxide E.) MnI 2 Manganese (II) iodide F.) ZnS zinc (II) sulfide

12 Practice Problems 1.) Na + Cl - NaCl Show Understanding by SHOWING YOUR WORK Sodium chloride

13 2.) K + S -2 K2SK2S Potassium sulfide

14 3.) Al +3 I - AlI3AlI3 Aluminum iodide

15 4.) Ag + O -2 Ag 2 O Silver (I) oxide

16 5.) Ni +2 O -2 Ni 2 O 2 NiO Nickel (II) oxide

17 6.) Pb +4 O -2 Pb 2 O 4 PbO 2 Lead (IV) oxide

18 Ionic Review Write formulas for these binary ionic compounds a.Barium Sulfide b.Tin (IV) Chloride c.Magnesium Nitride d.Sodium Oxide BaS SnCl 4 Mg 3 N 2 Na 2 O

19 Review (cont.) Name these binary ionic compounds: a.KCl b.BaO c.CuBr 2 d.FeS Potassium chloride Barium oxide Copper (II) bromide Iron (II) sulfide

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