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1 SOSTAC ANALYSIS Tuli Hotel Group

2 SOSTAC INTRODUCTION SOSTAC is an Acronym for the 6 basic elements of the Marketing Plan: Situation Where are we now? Objectives Where do we want to get to? Strategy How are we going to get there? – The Big Picture Tactics How are we going to get there? – The Detail Actions Who is going to do what and when? Control How can we control, measure and develop the process

3 SOSTAC INTRODUCTION One thing you need to be aware of: Often people deal with the SOS as a wish-list of achievements and then fail to develop and implement a detailed, controllable & measurable action plan (the TAC). This leads to a statement of great goals with no clear idea of how – or even if you can achieve them.

4 SOSTAC- SITUATION How are we performing?
What are our distinctive competitive (marketing) advantages? How effective is our Marketing Mix? Are we focusing on the best segments with the right type of customer? Are we using the most appropriate channels for communication and distribution? What uncontrollable event(s) or trend(s) can impact my business?

5 SOSTAC- SITUATION STRENGHT Consist of 3 hotels and 4 resorts
Target market are family, business, leisure, honeymooner, conferences Location and the surroundings WEAKNESS No existence to any social media Lack of identity Pages that are uncompleted

6 SOSTAC- OBJECTIVES Business Mission? Business Objectives?
Marketing Objectives - Business Development? Marketing Communication Objectives? The SMART Test for Objectives Make sure your objectives are practical and measurable. Do they fit the following criteria? Specific (with numbers) Measurable (to monitor progress and confirm achievement) Actionable (can we do it?) Reasonable (realistically attainable) Timed (incorporate deadlines)

7 SOSTAC- OBJECTIVE Interaction between the guest and the website
Deliver appropriate information that the guest needs Retaining Potential Clients Expanding Geographical Reach Selling product/service Organization Details Professional Appearance.

8 SOSTAC- STRATEGY Segmentation - How do we want to divide up the market(s)? Targeting - Which segments of the market do we wish to focus upon? Positioning - How do we want to be perceived in each different target segment? Add the 3m's Now add in the 3M's - the three key resources, Men, Money and Minutes. Men meaning men and women, expertise and abilities to do different jobs. Money means budgets - have we the money? Minutes mean time - what are the time scales, schedules or deadlines? Is there enough time?

9 SOSTAC- STRATEGY Men: Money: Minutes
One graphic web planner to reform the homepage One photograph to take professional hotel picture Money: Labor cost Minutes Improvements and implementations to the homepage and website Monitoring the guest browsing Stay up to date

10 SOSTAC- TACTICS Which Communication Tools are we going to use?
How are we going to use them? What message(s) do we wish to communicate? Are we being consistent across different tools and messages? Do we have the necessary resources/budgets?

11 SOSTAC- TACTICS Good Visual Design Thoughtful User Interface
Primary Navigation Above The Fold Repeat Navigation In The Footer Meaningful Content A Solid About Page Contact Information Search Sign-Up / Subscribe Sitemap Separate Design from Content

12 SOSTAC- ACTION Who is going to do what? When are they going to do it?
What is the resource allocation for the action? What are the key performance measurements? How is performance going to be recorded?

13 SOSTAC- ACTION Step 1 Add social media links Step 2 Add a site map
Add true professional images of the hotel Step 4 Add search bar Step 5 Fix and have a structured text more attractive Step 6 Fix pages links and build online console at the homepage Step 7 Add sign up icons


15 SOSTAC- CONTROL Do action performance measurements relate to objectives? Responsibility for measurement? Frequency of measurement? Resources for measurement? Review of measurements? Actions on variance?

16 SOSTAC- CONTROL Having a website control system
Keeps the context secure See the users and block spams Increase productivity Filter Internet use Manage social media use Proactively protect your network Monitor browsing on the homepage See the interaction of the guest and the website through the clicking and the time stayed on each page


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