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Enquiry Learning & Fieldwork in the NSS Geography Curriculum Curriculum Development Officer.

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2 Enquiry Learning & Fieldwork in the NSS Geography Curriculum Curriculum Development Officer

3 Fieldwork in the secondary schools of Hong Kong ?

4 Places far away from the schools? Countryside? Ping Chau (Mirs Bay), Lamma Island, Bride’s Pool… Guided tours? Worksheets? Fieldwork reports? Designers: geography teachers? Students: passive learners?

5 Types of fieldwork

6 1.Field excursion 2.Field research based on hypothesis testing 3.Geographical enquiry 4.Discovery learning 5.Sensory fieldwork Teachers Students

7 Fieldwork and Enquiry Learning (1) Level 1 Fieldwork with enquiry-based worksheets e.g. School visits to the Castle Peak Power Station

8 Enquiry- based worksheets

9 Pre-trip activities What? Hot news What are the conditions for the licence renewal of the Castle Peak Power Station?

10 Where? Where are the Castle Peak Power Station and the Black Point Power Station?

11 Activities at the Power Stations: What? Why? What types of power resources have been used in different power stations of CLP Power?

12 What are the environmental problems created by electricity generation at the Castle Peak Power Station? How does CLP Power cope with the environmental problems?

13 Activities after the visit Hot news: LNG receiving terminal

14 Extended Activities: Industrial Location


16 Fieldwork & Enquiry Learning (2) Level 2 Fieldwork investigation based on a problem-solving task / a decision-making task / a hypothesis-testing task / …

17 What are the examples? U.K. Length of fieldwork investigation report AQA (Specification A)-4000 words AQA (Specification B)-3500-4000 words OCR (Specification A/B)-1000/2500 words Edexcel (Specification A/B)-1500/2500 words CCEA -less than 2500 words IB

18 Guidance Booklet for fieldwork investigation

19 Work of some Year 10 Geograph y students

20 Australia Senior Geography project (Board of Studies-New South Wales: Geography (Stage 6 Syllabus) 1999)

21 Work of an Australian Geograph y Student

22 Aims Questions for enquiry

23 Equipment

24 Final report

25 Choice of topic for enquiry to be developed by the students with the help of their teachers some possible situations: 1. One general and broad topic for enquiry is given by the teacher and students are required to develop their own smaller scale / narrower scope enquiries with the guidance of the teacher.

26 2. The teacher brings students to a ‘rich’ fieldwork site in which students develop their own enquiry topics under the guidance of the teacher. 3. Individual students work out their enquiry topics all on their own and then further develop them under the guidance of their teachers.

27 Procedures of enquiry-based fieldwork investigation 4-5 stages: Planning and preparation Data collection Data processing, presentation and analysis Interpretation and conclusion Evaluation Report

28 Stage 1 Identify a geographical issue, problem, phenomenon and/or form hypothesis Clarify the objectives of the enquiry Identify the type of information/data that is required Decide on the methods and instruments to be used Prepare for the enquiry Develop the enquiry sequence

29 Stage 2 Use different techniques & instruments to collect data in the field Record & organize field data systematically Gather supplementary information from secondary data and sources of literature

30 Stage 3 a brief introduction (objectives, methodology etc.) Process and present the collected data in appropriate forms Test & analyze the collected data and information

31 Stage 4 Verify and interpret the findings Draw conclusions, propose solutions and/or make decision based on evidence, with justifiable reasons and /or support of theories

32 Stage 5 Evaluate the whole enquiry Discuss limitations & suggest alternatives approaches

33 Role of teachers Facilitators Give guidance to students (not ‘coaching’) Give suggestions to students on data processing and presentation techniques Give responses to students’ questions giving directions rather than offering direct answers) Mark the reports according to assessment criteria

34 Suggested content of the fieldwork report Cover/title page Contents page Introduction Presentation of the collected data Analysis of the investigation results Interpretation of the findings Conclusions Stage 3- Stage 5

35 Appendices (with evidence of students’ work) Bibliography

36 Assessment criteria Examples AQA (Specification A), IB, CCEA

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