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The birth of a genius.

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1 The birth of a genius

2 On 1st March 1810 in a Village- Żelazowa Wola, in the Mazovia
On 1st March 1810 in a Village- Żelazowa Wola, in the Mazovia. He was one of the most famous composers and pianists-Frideric Chopin was born.

3 Frederic was the son of Mikołaj of French orgin and Justyna Krzyżanowska.

4 From early childhood... From early childhood Frederic showed his musical talent. Since he was six he was learned to play the piano by Wojciech Żywny. Six year later teacher said that his student had made big progress and became a mature pianist.

5 The next teacher... The next teacher of Chopin was Józef Elsner- The Dean of the Principal Music School in Warsaw.

6 Frederic was... Frederic was a sick child so his parents wanted him to go tp the country as often as possible. There he was inspired by Polish folk music and songs. It is where polonaises and mazurkas came from.

7 In In 1829, when he was 19, Chopin went for the first time to play concerts in Vienna-the music capital of Europe at that time. Among other compositions, he created improvisations of Polish folk songs on them.

8 In 1930 he left Poland for Vienna and then for Paris.

9 The music of Chopin has been present in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and still is ever inspiring!!!

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