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Andrzej Sapkowski And The Witcher.

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1 Andrzej Sapkowski And The Witcher

2 Andrzej Sapkowski A. Sapkowski is the better known polish fantazy writer in Poland. He wrote seria books of man created for fighting with creatures- witcher

3 Sapkowski Born in 1948 He started writing in 1985
He can write good books only when he is drunkt

4 The witcher First two books are toms of short novels.
Next five are one big seria of Witcher and his friends. It’s story about love, fighting and magic.

5 The Witcher- Movie Marek Brodzki created movie on Sapkowski novels.
Let’s say seriously. It’s not the best movie, which I ever seen ;) Many times it’s not agreeing with plot of novels...

6 The Witcher- cast Michał Żebroski- Geralt (Witcher- main character)
Grażyna Wolszczak –Yennefer (his „girlfriend”) Zbigniew Zamachowski- Jaskier (his best friend)

7 The Witcher- RPG There is role playing game- The Witcher
It is created on Warhammer and AD&D system

8 The Witcher- Computer game
Works about new polish computer game are started. It won’t have enything to go with movie, so it can be quite good. You can known more here

9 Page about Sapkowski There is (unfortunatli only) polish web page about A. Sapkowski. There are many interesting nowels writhed by those, who love book The Witcher

10 The end Photos on 4th, 5th and 6th page are from
site Photos and graphics on 2nd, 3rd, 7th and 9th page are from Photo from 8th page is from 

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