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Prepared by Management Department | | Internal Innovation : Implementation.

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1 Prepared by Management Department | | Internal Innovation : Implementation

2 Purpose of Strategy Implementation  Organize systems, structures, people, and process into a consistent, synergistic whole to achieve innovative capacity, profitability, and long- term sustainable competitive advantage

3 Key Initial Questions for Implementation  To ensure that the plan for an innovation strategy can be implemented, the manager should answer three key initial questions. What should we be doing now, and what can we do later? What are the time and/or specialized skills required for the prioritized activities? What should be delegated and to whom?

4 Key Questions in Implementation

5 Prioritizing activities  The organization must adapt its prioritization as the environment changes and as the technology moves through various stages  Example : Telkomsel  Technology leapfrog : skips over the existing generation of products to introduce a product with significantly new technology

6 Requirement for Activities  Timing  Human Resources  The effective use of existing platforms

7 Four Elements of Implementation

8 Leadership  Encourage cooperative behavior among employees, a culture of collaboration, cross- functional initiatives  Create a supportive environment :  Avoid paralysis of analysis  Delegate effectively  Create mechanism for innovation  Allocate ample resources to critical activities

9 Engagement How to get the various entities in an organization moving in the same direction  Building A Knowledge-based Culture  Training & Development  Mentoring

10 Extension Firms need to have sufficient knowledge of product and market competencies. New product development, product improvements, and new market entry all depend on extension processes.  Knowledge sharing  Monitoring competencies  Looking for new opportunities

11 Alignment A fit among the systems to support the firm’s strategy and a fit with the firm’s external environment  Build Fit  Tie Rewards to Achievement of goals  Organizational Structure

12 Key Fit Elements in Innovation

13 End of Chapter 4

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