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Political Paralysis in the Gilded Age Chapter 23.

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1 Political Paralysis in the Gilded Age Chapter 23

2 Ulysses S. Grant – 18 th President “Waving the bloody shirt”… 1868 - Narrowly defeats Horatio Seymour… MS, TX, VA…

3 “Era of Good Stealings” Widespread corruption even reaching the White House Bribes/gifts Secretary of War William Belknap Grant’s in laws…

4 Grant’s “Black Friday” Big Jim Fisk “Diamond Jim” Jay Gould

5 Boss Tweed Tammany Hall




9 Thomas Nast

10 Credit Mobilier

11 Whiskey Ring

12 Liberal Republicans Horace Greeley “Go west, young man, go west”

13 Panic of 1873 Unwise loans…. “Hard Money” vs. Greenbacks… Demand for silver… Contraction… Resurgence of Democratic Party…


15 “Stalwarts” vs. “Half-Breeds” in the GOP

16 Compromise of 1877

17 Rutherford B. Hayes – 19 th President

18 Jim Crow Laws White Democrats “Redeemers”… Racial Segregation laws passed… Black voting rights restricted… Blacks kept in poverty to white landowners Sharecropping Tenant Farming Crop Lien System

19 Plessy v. Ferguson (1896) Homer Plessy…. LA “Separate Car Act” Court rules that “separate but equal” is constitutional under the “equal protection” clause of the 14 th Amendment…

20 1880 – The “Solid South” Emerges

21 James Garfield – 20 th President

22 Garfield assassinated by Charles Guiteau

23 Chester Arthur – 21 st President Pendleton Act 1883 Civil Service Comission…

24 Chinese Exclusion Act (1882)

25 Election of 1884 Blaine vs. Cleveland Mugwumps “Rum, Romanism, Rebellion”


27 Grover Cleveland – 22 nd and 24 th President

28 Benjamin Harrison – 23 rd President Mckinley Tariff Act Billion Dollar Congress

29 Populist Party

30 Homestead Strike (1892)

31 J.P. Morgan Lent the govt. $65 million …

32 William Jennings Bryan

33 Grant, Hayes, Garfield, Arthur, Cleveland, Harrison, Cleveland Largely forgettable… Didn’t solve Tariff Issue Money Issue Labor Union Issue

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