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Outpatient Services Programs Workgroup: Rights of the Individual July 23, 2014.

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1 Outpatient Services Programs Workgroup: Rights of the Individual July 23, 2014

2 Arizona At least seventy-two hours before the court conducts the hearing on the petition for court-ordered treatment, a copy of the petition, affidavits in support of the petition and the notice of the hearing must be served on the patient, who must be informed of the purpose of the hearing and advised of the patient's right to consult counsel. If the patient has not employed counsel, counsel must be appointed by the court at least three days before the hearing. –If at the time of the petition for evaluation the patient had counsel, the same attorney should, if possible, be appointed to represent the patient at the hearing for court-ordered treatment.

3 Arizona The notice provisions in Arizona’s statute cannot be waived. The notice of the hearing must fix the time and place for the hearing. The hearing must be held in the courtroom or other place within the county that the court may designate to insure humane treatment with due regard to the comfort and safety of the patient and others. The person who serves the notice of hearing must file a proof of service with the court that specifies the date, time and manner of service.

4 California The person who is the subject of the petition has all of the following rights: –To adequate notice of the hearings to the person who is the subject of the petition, as well as to parties designated by the person who is the subject of the petition. –To receive a copy of the court-ordered evaluation. –To counsel. If the person has not retained counsel, the court shall appoint a public defender.

5 California –To be informed of his or her right to judicial review by habeas corpus. –To be present at the hearing unless he or she waives the right to be present. –To present evidence. –To call witnesses on his or her behalf. –To cross-examine witnesses. –To appeal decisions, and to be informed of his or her right to appeal.

6 Maine The applicant must provide a written statement certifying that a copy of the application and the accompanying documents have been given personally to the patient and that the patient and the patient's guardian or next of kin, if any, have been notified of: –The patient's right to retain an attorney or to have an attorney appointed; –The patient's right to select or to have the patient's attorney select an independent examiner; and –How to contact the District Court.

7 New York The subject of the petition shall have the right to be represented by the mental hygiene legal service, or privately financed counsel, at all stages of a proceeding commenced Kendra’s Law.

8 North Carolina Hearings may be held at the area facility where respondent is being treated (if located in the judge's judicial district) or in the judge's chambers. Upon motion of the proposed outpatient treatment physician, the court may grant a continuance of not more than five days. In addition, the proposed outpatient treatment physician may be present and may provide testimony. Unlike the hearing for inpatient commitment where respondent's presence may be waived, the respondent must be present at the outpatient hearing and may be subpoenaed if necessary.

9 North Carolina Respondent need not, but may be represented by counsel. –Counsel is assigned for an indigent respondent only if the court determines that the complexity of issues makes it necessary or that respondent is unable to speak for himself.

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