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Rural Surface Water Rivers, Creeks and stock water supplies vulnerable to heavy sediment levels and high turbidity.

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1 Rural Surface Water Rivers, Creeks and stock water supplies vulnerable to heavy sediment levels and high turbidity.

2 Problems - Solutions 1. Grit, leaves and sand, clogged washing machine and appliances. 2. Dirty water with high sediment levels 3. Cloudy water 1. ARAG – in-line strainer with flushing tap. 2. FILTER-AG PLUS automatic backwashing unit. 3. BIG BLUE Pleated washable sediment filter

3 To Treat Rural Surface Water  This water is vulnerable to heavy sediment levels and high turbidity during heavy rain with associated flooding or if animals have access to the water.  Often discoloured and objectionable for domestic use.  The dirt, sediment and organic matter is best reduced progressively for workable maintenance.

4 Arag – In-line Strainer  Available from 20mm to 80mm pipe size.  A flushing tap is fitted into the base for quick cleaning.  Coarse particles are caught on the screen mesh, and by simply turning the handle on the tap the accumulated debris can be flushed away.  Screens available from 75 to 500 micron  Replacement parts are readily available.

5 Filter-Ag Plus ™  Filter-Ag Plus automatic backwashing unit is designed specifically for this type of water.  Brilliantly effective in cleaning the water of particulate matter down to the 5 – 15 micron range (40 micron, approximately smallest visible size).  Clack Filter-Ag Plus is a unique natural ore that has many outstanding advantages over common granular filter sands and multimedia used for suspended solids reduction. Viewed under and electron scanning microscope, the granules reveal an angular shape, rough surface and microporous void spaces as small as 3 microns. This creates a surface area over 100 times greater than silica sand. The angularity of the granules and the tapered internal pore spaces allow for reduction of dirt, silt and organic matter suspended in water by bridging, straining and adhesion. The rough surface and internal porosity provide a high surface area for efficient reduction of suspended matter.

6 Advantages and Conditions  Deep bed filtration results in superior water quality and reduces the load on downstream equipment.  High sediment removal capacity results in longer filter runs, with a substantial savings in backwash water and time out of service.  Replacement of sand with Filter-Ag Plus in existing installations will increase filter capacity.  Filter-Ag Plus is an all- natural, environmentally safe product.  Water pH: Wide range  Bed Depth: 24-36 inches  Freeboard: 50% or bed depth  Backwash flow rate: 15-20 gpm/sq.ft.  Backwash Bed Expansion: 30-40% of bed depth  Service Flow rate: 5 gpm/sq.ft. Intermittent flow rates and/or favorable local conditions may allow higher flow rates  A gravel support bed is required

7 Automatic Backwashing Control valves  Whole House Water Treatment Systems  The control valve is fitted onto a round FRP tank (either 10”x 54” high or 12” x 52” high) filled with Filter-Ag Plus™ media to correct the water problems associated with surface water.  The system is installed between the pump and a water storage tank or the house to deliver dramatically cleaner water, more acceptable for domestic use.

8 Installation Recommendations Before putting Filter-Ag™ Plus filter into service follow these recommended instructions or contact the original equipment supplier.  Slowly fill tank with filter valve in the backwash position until water flows to drain.  Backwash at 15 to 20 gpm/sq.ft. for 5 minutes.  Let material settle for 5 minutes.  Repeat backwash and settle steps for a total of 3 times.  Put the filter to service. Note: For best results allow Filter-Ag Plus™ to sit submerged in water for a minimum of 12 hours prior to following the above procedure and prior to putting the filter to service. A gravel support bed is required.

9 Large Surface Type Filtration  Pleated Polyester Reusable/Washable (for coarse dirt loadings).  20 micron, 5 micron & 1 micron.  Highly efficient filter cartridges made of pleated media for low pressure drop, high flow capability, increased dirt removal, long filter runs – which all adds up to the lowest cost per Litre filtered

10 Installation Sequence

11 Water Boy  The Waterboy is made from the best quality components available including a welded stainless steel cage,stainless steel collar bracket, stainless steel chain, polyethylene flotation buoy, and a flexible outflow pipe. The 32mm tank outlet fitting is shown, this will vary depending upon the tank construction and outlet diameter you specify when ordering.

12 Water Boy Installation  From the depiction of the typical water tank, be it plastic, concrete or wood, you will see that when new water enters the tank, it remains near the surface. There is very little water circulation in a tank apart from the slow removal of water from the bottom (for your use) and the replenishment at the top by rainwater (or in some cases stream or bore water fed in by gravity or a pump). The WaterBoy automatically adjusts to the changing water level in your tank.  The Waterboy can also be utilised as a floating intake when drawing water from a lake or a pond

13  For further information please contact:  Sue Kelly  Free phone: 0800 177 000  Email:

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