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First Grade Sight Words Words from Level E – G Books.

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2 First Grade Sight Words Words from Level E – G Books

3 man The big man moved the car.

4 down We sat down on the bench.

5 into Sam walked into his room.

6 ask You could ask the teacher a question.

7 ride Jen likes to ride the roller coaster.

8 about This book is about a king.

9 off Dad turned off the light.

10 open The cat went out the open door.

11 around My friend lives around the corner.

12 boy One boy said he would do it.

13 pretty The doll has a pretty dress.

14 just The twins look just like each other.

15 yes Yes, you may have an apple to eat.

16 are The girls are ready to ride their bikes.

17 going Sam will be going home after school.

18 because Pat stayed inside because it rained.

19 ground The dog dug a hole in the ground.

20 friend It is good to have a friend to play with.

21 cold In the winter, it can be very cold.

22 sound The falling tree made a big sound.

23 old Our old cat does not like to play.

24 that Bill said that he would be home soon.

25 fun Matt’s birthday party was fun!

26 funny The clown made a funny face at me.

27 wish She will wish for a pony.

28 came My friend came to my house last night.

29 if It may snow if it is cold outside.

30 after Sarah eats a snack after school.

31 think Sam had to think before speaking.

32 many Sam has many fish for his pets.

33 has Mom has a blue car.

34 pick We like to pick apples in the fall.

35 fast That big dog can run very fast.

36 pull This horse will pull the wagon.

37 stop Dad’s car came to a stop at the driveway.

38 goes The path goes beside a pond.

39 away Tom hit the ball away from the fence.

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