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New I-65 Interchange at Worthsville Road Welcome!.

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1 New I-65 Interchange at Worthsville Road Welcome!

2 STUDY AREA Where is the Study Area?

3 Study Process: What is IJR? The Interchange Justification Report (IJR) is a stand-alone document which constitutes a request from INDOT for FHWA approval of new or revised access to the existing Interstate System. The document will demonstrate that reasonable care has been taken in addressing the criteria described in the Federal Register of February 11, 1998, confirming that future traffic operations along the affected Interstate corridor will not be adversely affected by the proposed action. IJR = Interchange Justification Report

4 Study Process: What is NEPA? The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) requires federal agencies to integrate environmental values into their decision making processes by considering the environmental impacts of their proposed actions and reasonable alternatives to those actions.

5 Project Timeline Data Collection Interchange Justification Environmental Documentation Alternative Selection Detailed Design Right of Way Acquisition Begin Construction Summer 2012 Project Development Process 2013 2014 Community Advisory Committee Meeting December 2012 We are here Public Meeting Winter 2012 Public Hearing Spring 2013 Community Advisory Committee Meeting February 2013

6 What Have Stakeholders Said? Improve East-West connectivity Relieve traffic congestion in the area Coordinate with future land use plans Coordinate with local land owners regarding the Right of Way Acquisition process Enhance economic growth potential in the area

7 Purpose and Need – What Is It? An important factor in selecting the best alternative is the ability to address the Purpose and Need for improvements. Therefore, it is important to have a good understanding of those needs as we identify possible alternatives. Based on the technical analysis and public involvement findings, five transportation needs have been initially identified. Stakeholder Input Technical Analysis Purpose & Need A concise statement of the transportation problems to be addressed. 1.Improve Roadway Connectivity 2.Enhance Safety in the Corridor 3.Reduce Congestion at Existing Interchanges 4.Foster Economic Growth 5.Maintain Consistency with Local & Regional Planning

8 What Are the Technical Findings? Improve operations of Main Street interchange by reducing traffic by 30% Improve travel speeds and Level of Service on Interstate 65 Reduce expected crashes on I-65 and surface streets in the area Operate at reasonably free flow with forecasted traffic demands

9 Land Acquisition Process INDOT priority is to work with the property owners to minimize impacts of all projects. Process may begin after a Record of Decision. Process would include a plat of highway, independent appraisal, an offer, and a period of negotiations. Must propose fair market compensation for needed property Eminent Domain or Condemnation are always considered to be last resorts. What is the Land Acquisition Process?

10 Express Your Opinion Comment Forms Written and online comment forms Comments received by Dec. 19, 2012 will be reviewed for future consideration and incorporation.

11 Alternatives Identification & Screening

12 Alternatives Evaluation Stakeholder Input >Refine >Evaluate Best Blend of:  Improved Travel Performance  Avoid, minimize and mitigate Environmental Impacts  Compatibility with Community Goals Refine Stakeholder Input Evaluate

13 Cons  Reduces traffic congestion in the study area  Improves safety in the study area  Least conflict points  Provides free west to north movement onto the interstate  Simple bridge structure  Highest overall project cost  Most right of way required  Greatest impact to farmlands  Pond impact in southeast quadrant Parclo A4 Pros

14 Cons  Reduces traffic congestion in the study area  Improves safety in the study area  Fewest parcels impacted  Minimize impact to property in southwest quadrant  Heavy west to north movement provided by right turn loop  Lowest traffic capacity  Highest crash risk  Most excess right of way required  Largest footprint  Pond impact in southeast quadrant Pros Parclo A2

15 Diverging Diamond Interchange Cons  Reduces traffic congestion in the study area. Most efficient  Improves safety in the study area. Least crash risk  Provides free movements onto the interstate  Least right of way required  Lowest overall project cost  Avoids pond in southeast quadrant  Fewest impact to farmlands Most parcels impacted Counter intuitive for drivers Lower speed for through movements Pros

16 Thank you If you have additional questions please find one of our Team Members

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