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Energy Efficient Heating and Cooling Systems For Today Geothermal Heating, Cooing And Hot Water Systems.

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1 Energy Efficient Heating and Cooling Systems For Today Geothermal Heating, Cooing And Hot Water Systems

2 Presentation Goals Familiarize you with the Today’s Heating Equipment Choices. Help you evaluate and decide the best Heating System Design for your home. Show you why Geothermal Systems should be your Choice.

3 Your building Dreams… Start with a good foundation The Mechanical Systems in your new home are some of the most important. Look closely at the Heating,Cooling and Water Heating systems… These are the Three (3) largest energy consumers in your utility bill!

4 Heating and Cooling System Sizing Based upon the Construction Material R-values, Air Infiltration, and Local Weather Data. Good Heating Contractors should calculate the home’s Heating and Cooling requirements - room by room. This is called a “Manual J” calculation  Example Total Building - 2,000 sq ft Heat Loss: 74,000 BTH/HR - Heating Season Heat Gain: 34,000 BTU/HR - Cooling Season

5 Heating Systems are sized... By using the “Manual J” calculation The Homes square feet is not a good method to select equipment by.

6 Your Heating System Choices Conventional Designs Hydronic Systems  Hot Water or Steam * Provides: - Excellent Comfort, - Quiet, *Does not provide - Air Conditioning - Air Cleaning (no filters) Higher Initial Installed cost Extra cost to add Central Air Equipment Efficiency Ranges: Low to Med - High Forced Air Systems  Ducted System * Provides: - Good Comfort - Very Flexible design - Central Air Conditioning - Filtered Indoor Air Lowest Initial Installed cost Reasonable Cost to add Central Air Equipment Efficiency Range: Low to Med - High


8 Heating System Choices… Geothermal Designs Hydronic Hot Water System  Excellent Choice for Radiant Floor Heating  Can be used to provide Chilled Water for Cooling Applications  Can be used to provide Domestic Hot Water  Highest Efficiency  Lowest Operating cost  Greater Safety  Higher First Cost to purchase Forced Air System Ducted System  Good Comfort  Flexible Design  Filters the Indoor Air  Many Accessories are available  Highest Efficiency  Lowest Operating cost  Greater Safety  Higher First Cost to purchase

9 Geothermal Systems use … T he Basic principle of refrigeration: We Simply transfer Heat Energy from areas of “Hot or Cold” with the assistance of a Refrigeration System… Coupled with the extra energy efficiency of a liquid source heat pump

10 Lighting 3% Appliances 11% Hot Water 16% Heating & A.C. 19% Free Geothermal 51% Residential Energy Use Geothermal System



13 Geothermal – Renewable Energy 1 unit of Energy Purchased 3 Additional Units Absorbed from the Earth 4 units of Energy output Your getting up to 400% Efficiencies !

14 Geothermal Designs Closed Loop Utilizes continuous loop plastic pipes  Horizontal Trenched Designs  Vertical Bore/Drilled Designs  Pond Designs A Water/Ground Source Heat Pump Utilizes Ground Water – open loop/well water direct use from surface water


16 Closed Loop Designs Benefits  Lower System Maintenance  No Addition Water Requirements Hurdle  Higher Initial Purchase Cost  More Land Required

17 Geothermal Unit Installation

18 Ground Water Geothermal Unit Installation

19 Vertical Loop

20 Horizontal Loop

21 Pond/Lake Loop

22 Antifreeze – Why? Protects the equipment in case of Freezing conditions (power failures) Enhances the Energy Transfer ratio between the earth and fluid in the piping

23 Anti Freeze Fluids for Closed Loops Methanol/Ethanol – Alcohol Based - Least expensive and best performance Propylene Glycol – Food Grade Based - Non-toxic and lower heat transfer ratio - More expensive, some area codes require

24 How much will it Save? Up to 60% over conventional systems The energy savings can pay for itself within 2- 6 years typically, depending upon your fuel, and installation costs You’ll Save enough money every month to cover the additional loan charges in a New Home Mortgage Loan by lowering your utility bills! It virtually pays for itself.

25 Compare System Operating Costs… Conventional vs Geothermal 1550 Sq.Ft. Ranch Home Ionia, Michigan Area 92% - Propane Furnace 70K BTU w 2 ton Central AC - 10 SEER Total Geothermal Home Add-on Geothermal w 80% LP Gas HeatingCooling Water Heating Ann. Op Cost 12mth Budget $1397$ 41$607$2086 $174 $516$41$309$866$72 $651$46$348 $1045$87 Heat Loss: 40526 Btu/Hr Heat Gain: 17191 Btu/Hr *Based upon:.085/.075 cent KwHr Electric, $1.39 LP Gas

26 Geothermal allows you to usually meet the Model Energy Codes Without changing the construction process

27 Benefits of Purchasing Energy efficient products like Geothermal *As you can see, by reducing the amount of your monthly utility bills, the geothermal system allows you to put more money towards your overall loan amount. You are then able to purchase more Home for the same amount of money each month.

28 Typical installation time… Other than the normal times required to do the duct work and electrical wiring… - One day to do set the indoor unit - One to Two days to install the Earth Loop

29 Retrofit Homes… The Add-on Geothermal System

30 Example of Domestic Hot Water Heating - option

31 Questions?

32 To learn more contact a ClimateMaster dealer Your Home Comfort Specialist” We can provide you a Energy Analysis Specifically based upon your Home or Building needs.

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