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Elder Abuse: In Her Own Words

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1 Elder Abuse: In Her Own Words
Bonnie Brandl Janice Green Bonnie Hill Nanci Newton

2 Introductions Name Where you work Your age
How you feel about being your age

3 Ricky Mountain News, 4/16/07

4 Elder Domestic Violence
Relationship Between Elder Abuse and Domestic Violence Elder Abuse Domestic Violence Elder Domestic Violence Elder Domestic Violence

5 What is Elder Abuse? When an older adult experiences: Physical abuse
Neglect Sexual abuse and Stalking Financial exploitation Emotional abuse (Any of the above may co-occur with each other)

6 Who are Victims of Elder Abuse?
Persons aged over 60 or 65+ Primarily females and some older males All racial, ethnic, socio-economic, and religious backgrounds Does not include vulnerable or at-risk adults age

7 Who Commits Elder Abuse?
Intimate partners (long-term, new, or late onset) -- Occurs in heterosexual/gay/lesbian relationships -- Includes dating relationships Adult children and other family members Caregivers Others in positions of authority This definition excludes victimization by strangers.

8 Where Does Elder Abuse Occur?
Private residences within community Facility settings (4.5 %)

9 How Are Older People Harmed?
Accidents Well-intended caregivers Contact with persons with physical or mental health conditions that manifest in aggressive behavior Elder abuse

10 Why Does Elder Abuse Occur & Persist?
Greed Goal is financial exploitation Offender often committing other types of abuse Power and control As in domestic violence Pattern of abusive and coercive behaviors and threats used to control victim Actual and assumed power is used


12 Domestic Violence In Later Life
Bonnie Hill

13 Comings and Goings You are an older victim of abuse
Listen to scenes and choose if you want to remain at home or leave Leaving costs green and/or yellow cards Pay when the bell rings If out of cards needed, must return home

14 Survivor’s Experience

15 Stalking Facts: Later Life
Older adults are almost as likely to be stalked as younger individuals Females age 55 or older are more likely than males to be stalked Talk about men stalking men

16 Stalking Facts: Later Life
Often, stalker is someone who the older adult victim knows Stalking in later life is often part of domestic violence (JEAN) Talk about men stalking men

17 Survivor’s Experience
Miss Mary

18 University of South Florida
Working with Miss Mary Nanci Newton Director USF Advocacy Program University of South Florida

19 Responding to Older Victims
Consider how definitions exclude Consider how services exclude Who are collaborative partners Who are volunteers, staff, board How are older individuals involved Consider role of ageism

20 Resources National Center on Elder Abuse NAPSA
National Clearinghouse on Abuse in Later Life State APS Area Agency on Aging (AAA)

21 OVW Training Grants Program
History of program Focus on elder abuse 10 communities

22 OVW Training Grants Program
2-day law enforcement training Prosecutors’ training Judges training Systems change

23 OVW Training Grants Program
Direct services Training/cross training for advocates, elder abuse workers, aging network etc. CCRs on elder abuse COMING SOON

24 NCALL, a project of WCADV

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