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Emerging Trends for Jobs in IT Sector & Business IT.

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2 Emerging Trends for Jobs in IT Sector & Business IT

3 with the emergence of Cloud Computing Technologies * * * Global Demand for IT enabled Consumer Services (IP TV, Mobile Computing, Video Conferencing, On-Line Collaboration, etc) is exploding day by day

4 Server Virtualization & Virtual Desktop Infrastructure is taking over The Corporate Sector Clientele by storm

5 with IT enabled Service Costs crashing at breakneck speed Business Enterprises are embracing IT at lightening pace to stay competitive

6 and

7 With Business Enterprises adapting IT at large scale unprecedented demand for Business IT Professional s is emerging at a lightening pace In each domain of Economy

8 today the new buzz word that controls Competitiveness of Business Enterprises in the market is Business Analytics

9 Information Technology is no longer limited to Desktop Computing & Programming for Application Development now it includes Application of Computer Applications too

10 Emerging Skill Needs for Business IT  Business Process Management.  Project Management.  Supply Chain Management.  Manufacturing Ops Management.  Vendors & Outsourcing Management.  Telecom Commercials Management.  Legal Issues in IT Management  Consulting in IT Management.  Managing Cloud Computing Infrastructure.  Software Engineering.  IT Security Management.  Integrating IT Infrastructure.  Managing Business Intelligence, Knowledge Mgmt & Analytics.  Managing Healthcare Services.  Managing Financial Services.  Managing Human Resources.

11 with Cloud based VDI Corporate Sector Employees now stay connected to their office workstations on 24x7 basis through their own iPads & Mobile Phones

12 today The Business Management of Corporate Sector Companies is fast becoming IT Centric using Computer Applications that are becoming increasingly complex day by day

13 in the new eco system The Domain Experts (Non-IT Business Executives) can no longer discharge their Professional Obligations effectively just with the knowledge of Desktop Applications & Browser

14 today The Domain Experts need thorough understanding of the custom built System S/w + Application S/w Deployed on Cloud Servers of their Company For Business Intelligence necessary to make well informed Executive Decisions

15 making of such Executive Decisions through Technical Assistants for effective operations management is no longer feasible for Domain Experts

16 They need necessary Skills in Business IT

17 Considering the Number of Corporate Houses & Domain Experts operating at various levels the market demand For Skill Development in Business IT is well predictable

18 the market demand for Skill Development in Business IT is additional to market demand for Skill Development in Programming + S/w Engg Ratio : Business IT : Programming :: 10 : 1

19 Thank You

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