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Pace 2 Employment Welcome to PACE.2.Employment Change your life Achieve your dreams.

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1 Pace 2 Employment Welcome to PACE.2.Employment Change your life Achieve your dreams

2 To help individuals become workplace ready in order to secure and better retain employment  Develop a realistic career/job search plan  Learn how to locate job openings  Create an effective resume and cover letter Objectives of the Program Pace 2 Employment

3  Improve interviewing skills  Submit online job applications and/or resume  Learn proper phone and email etiquette, effective ways to deal with difficult people, techniques for stress reduction and the benefits of a positive attitude. Objectives of the Program con’t Pace 2 Employment

4  Class runs from Sept 30 th to Oct 23 rd and meets 3 days/wk from 9:00 to 2:00 with a break for lunch from approx. 11:30 to 12:15.  Please turn off cell phones during class.  It is expected that you attend all 12 classes. If you are unable to make a class please call or email before 9:00am Susan: or 825-2072  The class structure is interactive with group activities assigned.  Participants will also work on independent projects Structure of the Program Pace 2 Employment

5  Activities outside of classroom hours will be necessary to help you achieve your goal of securing full-time employment.  Class will include guest speakers from outside agencies and businesses.  At the completion of the class, students are invited to return to attend a “coffee hour/job club” meeting to interact with other participants and get additional support from the facilitators. Structure of the Program con’t Pace 2 Employment

6 Expectations of the facilitator  all participants are actively seeking full time employment  all participants are open to learning new job search techniques  each participant has ideas and suggestions to share with the class  each participant feels free to ask questions Expectations of the participant:     Expectations of the Program Pace 2 Employment

7 We Learn… 10% of what we read 20% of what we hear 30% of what we see 50% of what we see and hear 70% of what we discuss 80% of what we experience 95% of what we teach others William Glasser Why do we have to work in groups? Pace 2 Employment

8 Realities of Today’s Job Market

9 Think about this statement If you don’t take responsibility for your career, then who will? Pace 2 Employment

10  The job world as we know it has been affected by a lot of things in the last few years  Less job security  People change jobs more often  Employees need to be more flexible and adapt  Employees responsibilities have increased  Technology in the workplace has increased What happened? Pace 2 Employment

11 What do all of these things have in common? Pace 2 Employment

12  Focus your search  Bring you’re “A” Game  Details  Resume and cover letters that are custom for the job  Networking  Person who is referred by an employee is hired 5 times more often than a stranger  Interviewing Is your job search too old fashioned? Pace 2 Employment descrimination-or-out-of-date

13  Be Visible  Employers research candidates on-line 80% of the time  “Social Proof” – that you are who you say you are and you have done what you say you have done  Join LinkedIn - need 100% complete, controlled by you Is your job search too old fashioned? Pace 2 Employment

14  Your limiting beliefs  Hanging out with the wrong crowd  Perfectionism  Pride  Fear 10 Ways you Stop yourself from getting the right job Pace 2 Employment

15  Being a victim  Knowledge gap  Being disorganized  Having all your eggs in one basket  Hiding behind your computer Con’t Pace 2 Employment

16 You are in control of your career and job search!  In order to be successful :  No excuses  Accept that life is not always fair  Take charge and be pro-active  Stay positive  Carve out time each day for your job search activities  Network Pace 2 Employment

17  You have taken the most important step by coming to this class  You have two choices and it is totally up to you 1.You can keep doing things the same 2.You can welcome change and move forward What can you do? Pace 2 Employment

18 What is a Marketable Person

19 Pace 2 Employment Transferable Skills

20 What is a transferable skill?  A talent, skill or accomplishment that can be transferred to a new job or career  Your job is to market your skills and show how they are applicable to the position  Look at work, home, education and volunteer organizations Pace 2 Employment

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