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Feudal Europe During the Middle Ages

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1 Feudal Europe During the Middle Ages
Cornell Notes 1

2 Timeline Early Middle Ages: 500 – 1000 High Middle Ages: 1000 – 1250
Late Middle Ages: 2

3 Life on a Manor A manor was similar to a village. It consisted of peasants’ huts, a church, a mill, and various shops, along with fields and pastures. All of these were clustered near the castle or manor house of a great lord. 3

4 A Medieval Castle 4

5 Parts of a Medieval Castle

6 Serfs Serfs were bound to the soil. They worked the lord’s land in return for protection and some land of their own. 6

7 Serfs at work on a Medieval Manor

8 The Lord of the Manor The lord and his family, along with his knights and servants, lived in the castle or large house called a manor house. 8

9 A Medieval Manor 9

10 Knights and Knighthood
Knights were the mounted soldiers of the Middle Ages. To become a knight, a young man of a noble family passed through several stages of training. 10

11 The Page At the age of about 7, a boy from a noble family could become a page. He was sent to live in another castle, where he was taught manners and how to ride and hunt. He also learned the art of combat by practicing with miniature weapons. 11

12 Pageboys in Training 12

13 The Squire At age 14, a page became a squire. He learned additional fighting skills and served a knight. He cared for the knight’s horse and armor, and even joined his lord in battle. 13

14 A squire helping a knight

15 The Knight At about the age of 21, a worthy squire became a knight in an elaborate ceremony. Dressed in full armor, the squire knelt before his lord, who knighted him by tapping him on the shoulder with a sword and saying “I dub you a knight.” 15

16 Dubbing a Knight 16

17 Code of Chivalry Once a knight. A young man swore to defend the Church and the poor, be well mannered toward the ladies, and display fairness on the battlefield. 17

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