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Main Currents in Baroque Music

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1 Main Currents in Baroque Music

2 Baroque Music The transition to the Baroque brought about a shift from several independent lines (polyphony) to one in which a melody stood out (homophony). Monody: originated in vocal music around the year 1600 and was a new style featuring solo song with instrumental accompaniment Monody focused on text and its emotional power

3 Baroque Music Figured bass: shorthand notation for harmony
Chords created through improvisation Basso continuo: bass part, performed by 2 instruments Chordal instrument (harpsichord, organ or lute) and bass instrument (cello or bassoon)

4 Baroque Music Camerata- group of people (writers, artists, and musicians) engage in discussion about “the new music”. Members of Camerata were aristocratic humanists who aimed to resurrect the musical-dramatic art of ancient Greece. Music must heighten the emotional power of the text. Camerata gave the path to more advance form Opera.

5 Baroque Music Establishment of the major-minor tonality system was the outcome of this simpler style and less complex harmonies and was the most significant change in all of music history.

6 Baroque Music Equal temperament: a new tuning system that mathematically equalized the distance between adjacent tones Made it possible to play in every major and minor key without experiencing unpleasant sounds J.S. Bach’s The Well-Tempered Clavier (2 vols.) each contains 24 preludes and fugues, one in every possible key

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