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Excellence Thinking! Exploring the different types of Excellence thinking Workshop 3.

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1 Excellence Thinking! Exploring the different types of Excellence thinking Workshop 3

2  Find your group & table  Hint: match the playdoh colours…  Use your playdoh to create something that represents you…  Sketch your representation in your booklet  Compare your creation with those in your group, jot down the similarities and differences Warm Up Task

3 This means: Work is thorough, shows mastery, has breadth, is accomplished, consistent, includes a range of ideas. What this looks like: Covering all aspects of the topic (breadth). Analysing all areas. Elaborating with details. Supporting with related evidence. Excellence thinking is… COMPREHENSIVE thinking

4 Practising COMPREHENSIVE thinking One minute tasks… 1. Brainstorm potential uses for playdoh 2. Categorise your brainstorm 3. In your group, write an Excellence paragraph about “The potential uses of playdoh”

5 Assessing your COMPREHENSIVE thinking Use categories to cover all the possibilities? Clearly explain each category? Support each category with evidence or examples? Look balanced? (Each category evenly covered) Comprehensive Criteria: Does our answer….

6 This means: Work is thoughtful, original, commands attention, compelling, creative, shows flair, is effective. What this looks like: Suggesting a range of different ideas or alternatives. Making interesting connections between ideas, concepts, thoughts. Looking for ideas that are new, interesting, unique, innovative. Presents information or ideas in a new, interesting, unique, or innovative way. Excellence thinking is… Perceptive or Insightful thinking

7 Practising Perceptive or Insightful thinking One minute tasks… 1. Property Listing - Bubble map  Hint: Try to describe playdoh – what are its key properties? 2. Compare and contrast - Double bubble map  Compare and contrast playdoh and the brain 3. What insightful generalisations can you make about playdoh, the brain, or playdoh and the brain?

8 Assessing your Perceptive or Insightful thinking Include a range of different ideas? Show original, creative, new ideas? Connect different ideas or concepts? Present information in original or innovative way? Perceptiveness Criteria: Do our answers….

9 This means: Work is justified, effective, convincing, deep, analysed, sophisticated, proven. What this looks like: Evaluating options, making recommendations. Challenging assumptions. Justifying decisions, solutions, answers. Examining cause and effect relationships. Excellence thinking is… CRITICAL THINKING

10 Practising CRITICAL THINKING One minute tasks… 1. To what extent do the following factors help you succeed in life?  Friends, Teachers, Parents, Church, Cellphones, Brushing your teeth… 2. Which of these is most important?  Use the tournament prioritiser to help you decide 3. Analyse the causes and effects of getting excellence in NCEA…

11 Assessing your CRITICAL THINKING Make decisions, reach conclusions, resolve problems? Challenge assumptions – make us think differently? Evaluate options, make recommendations? Examine both causes and effects? Critical Thinking Criteria: Do our answers….

12 This means: Work is extended abstract, cohesive, connected, notices patterns or themes, makes generalisations. What this looks like: Summarising key ideas from a wide range of information Looking for themes, generalisations, insights. Integrating information from a range of sources. Following a chain of reasoning (deduction). Excellence thinking is… Integrated thinking

13 Practising Integrated thinking One minute tasks… 1. Complete the one minute summary 2. Use the above ideas to create a model of Excellence thinking that meets the following criteria:  Includes at least 2 of the aspects of Excellence thinking  Is at least 3 cm high  Incorporates at least 1 non-playdoh item 3. Sketch your model with annotations to show your group’s thinking

14 Assessing your Integrated thinking Summarise the key ideas? Look for themes, generalisations, insights, the big picture? Integrate information from a range of sources? Follow a chain of reasoning? Integrated Thinking Criteria: Do our answers….

15 Where to from here…  Go to and complete the survey on the homepage.  Summarise your thinking from this survey in your booklet  Use the information from this workshop to analyse your strengths, weaknesses and goals in terms of “Excellence thinking”  Share the information for parents with your parents / caregivers / family.

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