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By: Kelli Reece 1 st Period Hughes Smoking Vs. Non smoking.

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1 By: Kelli Reece 1 st Period Hughes Smoking Vs. Non smoking


3 Direct from Dan Collins websites: In 1996 the Delaware Gazette wanted to start using my editorial cartoons for local issues and also national topics. The newspaper was at that time the nation's oldest daily newspaper that had been owned by a single family through it's entire history. In 2004 the Thompson family ended their publishing career with the sale of the Delaware Gazette to Brown Publishing of Cincinnati. A span of 170 years marked its tenure in Delaware County news reporting. I am honored to have been the editorial cartoonist for the Delaware Gazette in the last eight years of its existence as an American tradition in newspaper coverage. I am sad that the family was unable to continue for many more years. Such is the state of the newspaper industry in today's world.


5  This Cartoon is giving people the memo about smoking; it’s telling people that you have a better chance of dying when you smoke compared to those who don’t smoke!  Which I agree!

6  Title/ caption: Smoking Vs. Non Smoking  Cartoon Content:  Date created: November of ‘96  First Published By: Delaware Gazette in ‘96  Subject: Smoking or Non Smoking  Cartoonist: Dan Collins wrote/ drew editorials for Delaware Gazette.

7 Describe the objects in the picture? In this picture you have a frontal view of the Memorial Cemetery. On left side, you can see that the cemetery is fuller compared to the right side. In the foreground there is a sign stating which side is smoking and non smoking.

8 What type of appeal is used in the cartoon? Logos – the cartoon has a logical appeal to the average person saying- Hey if you smoke, then this is what can happen. This is what smoking can cause; a quicker death. Pathos – Is the Emotional appeal that the thought of a death in your family, one of your friends or even yourself can occur.

9 Who is the Audience? The Picture is meant for all, because the picture is telling you the facts of what smoking can do. The facts of smoking can deal with any age group between newborn and 110. It can be the adult smoker or the children, along with the non- smokers who are inhaling the second hand smoke.

10 What is the point of view and perspective of this picture? Dan Collins created this picture to get peoples attention and get them to think about what smoking does. The headstones in the middle and the background symbolizes, the number of people who have died. In the foreground the sign is separating the non smokers from the smokers, giving you the insight of which side of the cemetery you will be in, when your time is here.

11 What Techniques are used? Composition: The colors are black and white in the picture, due to the fact that the subject is a black and white issue; you smoke, you die. Symbols: The headstones in the cartoon show the people that have died. There are more headstones on the smoking side to stress the fact that smoking can kill you. Juxtaposition: Is used to compare the number of those who died due to smoking as opposed to those who didn’t smoke.

12 The colors in the cartoon are black and white. The colors are opposites and they contrast each other. Collins used these colors to contrast the issue of smoking and non- smoking. What does the color mean in the cartoon?

13 What is your attention drawn to? Close your eyes what is the first thing you see? This is the Dominance you are seeing. And the first thing you see is the side of the cemetery that is full of headstones. Right? Mine too!

14 The Frame in the cartoon is the entrance to the cemetery. The entrance is the focal point of the cartoon. It draws your attention in toward the headstones. What is the framing in this Cartoon?

15 Is the visual weight on one side of the drawing the same as the other? WHY? So What ! No, the picture is not balanced and it’s done this way for reason. The cartoonist did this to stress the point that smoking kills more people and his proof is the heavier side of the cemetery.

16 Inclusion is the state of being that the person smoking or not smoking is shown in this picture. Omission is what state of being you are missing. I think that both are used in the cartoon because the inclusion is state of being which the person is in. The person is dead and in the ground. I also think its Omission because the person is omitting their health and smoking. Is it inclusion or Omission?

17 Collins, Dan. "Editorial Cartoons for the Delaware Gazette by Cartoonist Dan Collins." Welcome to Dan Collins Cartoons! Featuring Humorous Cartoons from Hustler Magazine as Well as Illustrations Greeting Cards, Comic Strips, Original Artwork and Specialty Items. Web. 22 Sept. 2010..

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