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Thigh and Buttock.

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1 Thigh and Buttock

2 Thigh Three Compartments; ant., medial and posterior
Lateral thigh consists of thickened fascia of the lower extremity called the Fascia Latae called the Iliotibial Band (Tract) that serves as an insertion of the Tensor Fascia Latae muscle Extends distal and lateral to knee, inserts on the tibia at Gerdy’s Tubercle

3 Thigh Anterior compartment = knee extensors and some hip flexors; innervated by femoral nerve, blood supply by femoral artery and its branches Medial Compartment = hip adductors (some rotation and flexion); innervated by obturator nerve and its branch, blood supply by branches off deep femoral artery and obturator artery Posterior compartment = hip extensors and knee flexors; innervated by tibial or common peroneal nerves, blood supply by deep femoral artery

4 Anterior Compartment

5 Lateral Thigh (Fascia Late)

6 Posterior Thigh

7 Medial Thigh

8 A Reminder – Prime Movers of Hip Flexion

9 Anterior Compartment Femoral Triangle Borders = Contents =
Course of femoral nerve and artery; Adductor Canal- Adductor Hiatus Muscles Sartorius, Pectineus, Quadriceps

10 Femoral Triangle - Boundaries

11 Femoral Triangle - Contents

12 Anterior Muscles

13 Anterior Muscles

14 Anterior Muscles

15 Anterior and Medial Thigh

16 Medial Compartment Muscles
Gracilis, Adductor Longus, Adductor Brevis, Adductor Magnus Common actions Pulled groin Spastic adductors

17 Medial Compartment

18 Adductor Magnus

19 Posterior Compartment
“Hamstrings” Common Origin Exception Medial and Lateral Insertions

20 Posterior Muscles

21 Posterior Thigh

22 Posterior Thigh

23 Buttock Supericial Gluteus Maximus Gluteus Medius – reverse action
Gluteus Minimus Tensor Fascia Latae – iliotibial band, functional considerations “Gower’s” Sign Positive Trendelenburg

24 Gluteus Maximus

25 Gluteus Maximus

26 Gluteus Medius and Minimus

27 G Med., G Min, TFL

28 TFL

29 Trendelenburg

30 Deep Buttocks “External Rotators of the Hip” Small Muscles
Mostly attach near or on greater trochanter Excellent mechanical advantage for 1) producing external rotation and 2) to help maintain stability of the hip All but one innervated by named nerves specific to one or two of them The exception is the obturator externus – innervated by posterior brach of obturator n.

31 Deep Buttock Muscles: Piriformis Superior Gemellus Obturator Internus
Inferior Gemellus Quadratus Femoris Obturator Externus

32 Deep Muscles of Buttocks

33 Deep Buttock

34 Deep Muscles

35 Deep Muscles

36 Deep Muscles

37 Blood Supply Femoral Artery Deep Femoral (AKA Femoral Profunda)
Medial Circumflex Lateral Circumflex Ascending Branch Lateral Branch Descending Branch

38 Blood Supply

39 Blood Supply

40 Blood Supply

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