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The Crucible Test Review

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1 The Crucible Test Review
English III CP/HGT 1st and 2nd Period

2 Characters This character is Rev. Parris’ daughter: A. Abigail B. Ruth
C. Betty D. Tituba

3 Answer C. Betty

4 Characters This character is accused of leading the girls in a tribal dance: A. Abigail B. Betty C. Mary Warren D. Tituba

5 Answer Tituba

6 Characters This character is a lonely girl who needs friends:
A. Abigail B. Ruth C. Mary Warren D. Mercy Lewis

7 Answer Mary Warren

8 Characters This character is dangerous and will stop at nothing to get what she wants: A. Abigail Williams B. Elizabeth Proctor C. Ruth Putnam D. Ann Putnam

9 Answer Abigail

10 Characters This man is rich because he’s stolen other people’s land:
A. John Proctor B. Rev. Samuel Parris C. Giles Corey D. Thomas Putnam

11 Answer Thomas Putnam

12 Characters This character is crushed to death for not revealing his source: A. John Proctor B. Francis Nurse C. Giles Corey D. Thomas Putnam

13 Answer Giles Corey

14 Characters These characters are faking an illness in the beginning:
A. Betty and Abigail B. Ruth and Abigail C. Ann and Ruth D. Betty and Ruth

15 Answer Betty and Ruth

16 Characters This character came to town to solve the witchcraft mystery: A. John Proctor B. John Hale C. Thomas Putnam D. Judge Danforth

17 Answer Rev. John Hale

18 Characters This character believes that the madness in Salem is ridiculous and can be stopped by whipping the girls: A. Giles Corey B. John Proctor C. Thomas Putnam D. Rev. Parris

19 Answer John Proctor

20 Characters This character is accused of killing Goody Putnam’s babies:
A. Martha Corey B. Rebecca Nurse C. Tituba D. Mary Warren

21 Answer Rebecca Nurse

22 Characters This character is the current reverend in Salem who is concerned about his ministry: A. Giles Corey B. Samuel Parris C. John Hale D. Thomas Putnam

23 Answer

24 Characters This character(s) came to Salem to preside over the hearings: A. Judge Danforth B. Judge Hathorne C. Judge Seawell D. All of the above

25 Answer All of the above

26 Question What does John Proctor think is running about Salem aside from Lucifer? A. Jesus B. Vengeance C. Terror D. Insanity E. Misery

27 Answer Vengeance

28 Question John says he will not give up someone to vengeance. Who is he not willing to give up? A. Abigail B. Elizabeth C. Martha Corey D. Rebecca Nurse

29 Answer Elizabeth

30 Question Who said, “ I saved her life today?” A. Ruth Putnam
B. Mary Warren C. Abigail Williams D. Betty Parris

31 Answer Mary Warren

32 Question How many times does Giles Corey say he's been to court? 35 26
33 1 He's never been to court.

33 Answer 33 times

34 Question Where does Proctor say he had sex with Abigail Williams?
A. In his wife's bed. B. In his barn. C. In the church balcony. D. In Rev. Parris' house.

35 Answer In the barn

36 Question What does Ruth Putnam contribute to the boiling kettle?
A. A chicken B. A small bundle of weeds C. A daisy D. A live frog

37 Answer A Frog

38 Question Why doesn't Mary Warren want to testify against Abigail in court? A. Because Abigail will charge lechery on Proctor. B. She will lose her job. C. Abigail will 'turn on her.' D. Both A and C.

39 Answer Both A and C

40 Question How does Abigail manage to accuse Elizabeth Proctor of 'witching' her? A. She faints. B. She claims to see Elizabeth in the form of a yellow bird. C. She stabs herself with a needle. D. She catches Elizabeth dancing.

41 Answer C- She stabs herself with a needle.

42 Question Where is Rev. John Hale from? A. Beverly, MA B. Salem, MA
C. Providence, RI D. London, England

43 Answer Beverly, MA

44 Question How does Elizabeth Proctor save her own life?
A. She confesses to witchcraft. B. She tells the court about Abigail. C. She claims she is pregnant. D. She escapes.

45 Answer C. She claims she is pregnant.

46 Questions Where does Abigail plan to run away to with Proctor according to the film? A. Boston. B. London. C. Barbados. D. She doesn't plan to run away.

47 Answer C. Barbados

48 Question Why is Ann Putnam bitter towards Rebecca Nurse?
A. Rebecca owes Ann money. B. Rebecca owns more land. C. Rebecca has never lost any children, while Ann lost nearly all of hers. D. Rebecca is Ann's mother-in-law, so they naturally fight. E. Rebecca's husband nearly killed Ann's husband.

49 Answer Rebecca has never lost any children, while Ann lost nearly all of hers.

50 Question What happened as soon as Rev. Parris took up the pulpit that Proctor claims 'hurt his prayer?' A. Parris begged for golden candlesticks for the altar. B. Parris raised the taxes. C. Parris tore down the altar and built his own. D. Parris refused to baptize Proctor's son.

51 Answer Parris begged for golden candlesticks for the altar.

52 Question This character is accused of bewitching pigs with her strange books? A. Rebecca Nurse B. Martha Corey C. Giles Corey D. Elizabeth Proctor

53 Answer Answer: B. Martha Corey

54 Question Why did Judge Danforth want Proctor to confess?
A. So Rebecca Nurse and Martha Corey could hang alone. B. So Rebecca and Martha could confess too. C. He doesn't want Elizabeth's baby to grow up fatherless. D. Proctor is too young. E. Because he knows Proctor is innocent.

55 Answer So Rebecca and Martha could confess too.

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