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Bill of Rights.

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1 Bill of Rights

2 Amendment 1 Freedom of Speech- right to speak without censorship or limitation Freedom of Religion- freedom of belief/worship. No state sponsored religion. Freedom of the Press- freedom of communication and expression in electronic media and published materials Freedom of assembly- right to come together and express common interests Right to petition- right to make a complaint to the government

3 Amendment 2 Right to keep and bear arms- assertion that people have a personal right to weapons

4 Amendment 3 Protection from quartering of troops- The military cannot house its troops at private residences without the consent of the owners.

5 Amendment 4 Protection from unreasonable search and Seizure- law enforcement needs a warrant supported by probable cause in order to search you.

6 Amendment 5 Due process- the government must respect all the legal right owed to a person according to the law. (what the gov has to do before taking your freedom) Double jeopardy- Can’t be tried twice for the same crime. Self-incrimination- Cant be forced to testify against yourself. Eminent domain- The government can take your property if they pay you a fair price.

7 Amendment 6 Trial by jury- Right to an impartial jury.
Confrontation clause- the accused has the right to know who is saying they’ve committed the crime, and to ask them questions. Speedy Trial- right to a quick trial. Public Trial: Public trial in the area where the crime was committed. Right to Counsel- If you can’t afford a lawyer, the court will give you one.

8 Amendment 7 Civil trial by jury- In all cases over $ you have the right to a jury trial. (It used to be $20.00)

9 Amendment 8 Prohibition of excessive bail- Bail is the money given to the court as a promise that the accused with return for their trial. If they don’t show up, they lose their bail. Cruel and unusual punishment- the problem- what exactly is cruel or unusual?

10 Amendment 9 Protection of rights not specifically listed in the bill of rights- Just because it isn't in the constitution, doesn’t mean that you don’t have the right.

11 Amendment 10 Powers of states and people- Any powers not specifically given to the national government are left to the states and the people.

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