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(you must put the “s” in https to access)

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1 (you must put the “s” in https to access)
PASSWORD MANAGER (you must put the “s” in https to access)

2 Starting the Process
Enter your Username (username is the first part of your HCPS address. (Example: HCPS0\jadoe) To verify your address, enter the characters you see on the screen and click ok! The characters are not case sensitive.

3 My Questions and Answer Profile IMPORTANT: This must be completed before your password expires
Click on “My Questions and Answers Profile” link. Enter the characters and click next. On the next screen, enter your current (Active Directory) password

4 Answer your personal questions
The minimum length of an answer must be 3 characters All answers must be unique You must answer both mandatory questions, both helpdesk questions and one optional question Once you have completed, you should receive showing it was updated successfully.

5 SUCCESS You have successfully completed your Question and Answer Profile. Click “Go to home page” to complete the process for changing your password.

6 Change/Manage My Password

7 To change or update your password, click Manage My Password

8 Credentials Enter your current (Active Directory) password.

9 Review the Password Policy to enter your new password
At least one UPPERCASE character (A-Z) At least one lowercase character (a-z) At least one digit (0-9)   At least one special character (such as It must be at least 8 characters You may not use words in the Password Manager Dictionary Example:

10 Restart Your Computer An will be sent to you once you have successfully changed your password. Please DO NOT write your password down for others to see. RESTART YOUR COMPUTER……..

11 iPad and iPhone Users Once you have set up your profile and have changed your active directory password, your i-phone will prompt you stating your username or password is incorrect. Please choose “Settings” and follow instructions. It may take sometime for it to show on the i-phone

12 Next Required Password Change
An notification will be sent prior to your required password change date. To change your password, click “Manage My Password”. To reset a forgotten password, click “Forgot My Password”

Download ppt "(you must put the “s” in https to access)"

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