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Pennsylvania School Based ACCESS Program Administrative Claiming System Medicaid Cost Reporting & Claiming System (MCRCS)

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1 Pennsylvania School Based ACCESS Program Administrative Claiming System Medicaid Cost Reporting & Claiming System (MCRCS)

2 Agenda Financial Process Overview Medicaid Cost Reporting & Claiming System (MCRCS) walk-through Reporting Guidelines Benefits of the New Financial Website Questions? 2

3 Medicaid Administrative Financial Reporting After the close of each quarter PCG will open the financial website All allowable staff will be listed on the financial website This list feeds directly from the active staff in the staff pool list Districts typically have 45 days to submit and certify their financial information for the previous quarter Website If you have trouble logging in, you should click on “Forgot Password” on the login screen Your username is always your email address 3

4 Login Screen When you enter the web-address on your web browser, you will come to the following page to login (Your User Name is always your email address) 4

5 Dashboard Once you have logged in, you will be on the dashboard 5

6 Quarterly Financial Submission  Districts will submit their financial information on a quarterly basis via the Medicaid Cost Reporting and Claiming System (MCRCS)  Select “Quarterly Financial Submission” to begin 6

7 Quarterly Payroll Information  Select “Quarterly Payroll Information” to begin entering costs 7

8 Quarterly Payroll Information The system has been pre-populated with information from the RMTS Staff Pool Lists: Last Name; First Name; Staff Employment Status; RMTS Job Code; and District Job Title. A user with the Report Edit role can edit some of the pre- populated fields. 8

9 Quarterly Payroll Information  Contacts can enter financial information directly in the site or download to an Excel spreadsheet, enter the financial information, and upload  Now choose how many records per grid to view (10, 20, 50, 100, or 500) 9

10 Quarterly Payroll Information You may click “Edit” next to the individuals name to enter their costs This will open up the fields to the right of the employee and allow you to enter costs Click “Update” to save those costs 10

11 Quarterly Payroll Information You may also use export the list of employees, add costs, and import it back into the system To use the upload functionality, simply scroll down and click “Export” After the file is updated, save it to your computer Be sure to not change headers or delete columns or rows Be sure to enter costs with no dollar signs or commas Go back to the below section, browse for the file, and import it back in 11

12 Quarterly Other Costs 12

13 Quarterly Other Costs You may enter “other costs” for each job category Staff Travel and Training costs Staff Professional Dues and Fees Materials and Supplies 13

14 Direct Support Staff Costs Click on the direct support staff costs tab 14

15 Direct Support Staff Costs Direct Support Staff were not included in the random moment time study Direct Support Staff are strictly clerical and administrative staff that support other staff included in the staff pool list (Must keep support documentation) Be sure to allocate percentage of costs with percentage of time spent supporting 15

16 Direct Support Staff Costs You may type the names of the direct support staff and enter their costs Must include allocation of time spent supporting 16

17 Quarterly Edits Click on the Quarterly Edits 17

18 Quarterly Edits You must ensure that all edits are resolved or explained before you may certify your quarter If you are entering an explanation for the costs, please be detailed and answer the question “why” Salaries Exceed Threshold Benefits Exceed Threshold No Payroll Information Reported 18

19 Quarterly Certification Click on the Quarterly Certification 19

20 Quarterly Certification Confirm totals and click certify 20

21 Quarterly Certification After you certified your costs, you will receive the Certified message which means that you have completed the process 21

22 Reporting Guidelines Allowable Costs: These are all represented by the individual participants available on the web- system Salary and Benefits (includes FICA, retirement and insurance) Operational Costs (travel/training, dues/fees, materials/supplies). Non-Allowable Costs: Federal Funds State-Flow Through Funds Third party costs Costs included in the calculation of the Unrestricted Indirect Cost Rate 22

23 Benefits of MCRCS Costs are per participant which makes it easier to tie the costs back in the case of an audit PCG is able to perform detailed desk reviews on the data submitted to ensure that you are claiming all allowable costs Since the individual edit checks are done online, it allows for you to have more time to complete the financials 23

24 Financial Frequently Asked Questions 24 Q: I need to made revisions to my financials that I certified, but it is now locked. How can I make changes? A: You must contact PCG. If the claim has not been processed, we can roll-back your quarter. If the claim has been submitted, we may be able to file an adjustment for your district depending on whether the costs are increasing or decreasing. Q: I added a new staff person to the RMTS website on April 15 th. I am entering financial information for the July-September quarter and this person is still not appearing. Why? A: This is because there is no time study for the July-September quarter and the staff pool list certified for the April – June quarter is also used for the July- September quarter.

25 Financial Frequently Asked Questions (Cont.) 25 Q: Bob is listed on the financial spreadsheet, but left the district half-way through the quarter. Since he had a direct replacement (Frank), whose costs do I claim? A: You may claim the costs for Bob up until the day he was replaced by Frank. After that day, you may claim the costs for Frank through the rest of the quarter. You may not claim both participant costs at the same time since they are only filling one position. Q: There are professional dues and fees that were incurred for Bob Barker, but there is no field to enter these next to his name. Where do I enter them? A: You must enter these costs in the “Quarterly Other Costs” section and include them in the job category section that Bob was listed under. Q: What if I forgot my password to the new financial website? A: #1 – Use the “Forgot Password” feature on the login screen - Your User Name is always your email address #2 – Call or email PCG to have us reset your password

26 MCRCS Questions The PA SBAP Team can be contacted at: Please place “MCRCS” in the subject line of your email. or 1-866-912-2976 You can find this presentation on the PA SBAP website, along with your designated IU and other useful information: 26

27 27 Public Consulting Group, Inc. 148 State Street, Tenth Floor, Boston, Massachusetts 02109 (617) 426-2026,

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