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The Giver Themes.

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1 The Giver Themes

2 The Importance of Memory
*Without memory, there is no pain – physical or emotional – no regrets or grief if you can’t remember. There is no pain without memory, but also no joy! *Gave up memories ~ no painful memories allowed! *Prevents members of society from wanting to engage in activities/ relationships ~ no conflict or suffering *Memories are important – Importance/Honor of The Receiver’s job – If you don’t remember your errors, you are destined to repeat them.

3 Choice – The Importance of the Individual
*Jonas’ society rejects differences ~ separated from other societies to limit information, lack of color and music, etc… *The community adopted sameness, but also celebrates differences – ceremony of 12 defines what each child is good at -BUT, children and adults were not given a choice in the selections. *Jonas develops into an individual ~ maturing through lessons from The Giver *Jonas rejects sameness once he has knowledge – being different can bring about positive changes

4 Sameness *Individuality is not encouraged, and people are not viewed as important. *Death is not tragic because life is not treasured. Pleasure is not respected because there is no pain. *Everything is done for the betterment of the community, not for individual gain or recognition. *No freedom or choice – lack sense of individuality

5 The Relationship Between Pain and pleasure
*There is no pain without pleasure and no pleasure without pain. *Members in Jonas’s community can’t truly appreciate joy because they never have been allowed to experience pain (drugs). *Jonas receives memories of both pleasure and pain and he is now opened up to the concept of love and suffering. He is suffocated within the community because no one else understands what he is going through and he can’t stand the sterile environment devoid of emotion. * “They can’t help it. They know nothing. “ The Giver’s conversation with Jonas regarding release - discuss!!

6 Knowledge is Pain *Ignorance in a utopian society is necessary – limiting access to information so that others don’t question the rules that society has established *Jonas becomes aware of problems within the society and becomes increasingly upset by these discoveries – starts to question societal rules and wants change. *Jonas’s emotions are changing, but he can’t share them; he is lonely and isolated. *In a utopia, knowledge is misery and ignorance is bliss!

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