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Personal Development and Health Unit 1: Emotional Wellness DEPRESSION AND SUICIDE: A LETHAL COMBINATION.

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1 Personal Development and Health Unit 1: Emotional Wellness DEPRESSION AND SUICIDE: A LETHAL COMBINATION

2  Approximately 2 Million American teens suffer from severe depression  25% of high school students seriously consider suicide each year  Over the past 35 years, the youth suicide rate in the US has tripled  Suicide is the 3 rd leading cause of death in young people (ages 15-24)  14 young people commit suicide everyday  That is one suicide every hour and 40 minutes FACTS ABOUT SUICIDE

3  Depression is triggered by a complex combination of:  Genetic Factors  Inherited from your parents  Psychological Factors  Personality traits or a chemical imbalance of the brain  Environmental Factors  Stress  Peer Pressure  Depression is treatable and something you should NOT be ashamed of! It is the #1 cause of suicide if untreated. Early recognition and treatment of depression can save lives! CAUSES OF DEPRESSION

4  What kind of pressures do teens face that can cause depression?  Social Media  Peer Pressure  Sexual Images  Self Esteem Issues  Lack of stress management skills PRESSURES TEENS FACE TODAY

5  The blue is TEMPORARY  You normally just feel sad because of something that happened that day, but you get over it usually within a day or two  Symptoms of Depression  You feel hopeless and helpless like nothing can fix it.  I feel sad, like crying all of the time  I feel alone, empty, frustrated, restless, disorganized, self conscious, scared, mad and guilty  My life has no direction  I can’t concentrate, remember things or make decisions.  I feel like I am in a fog  Nothing makes me feel better THE “BLUES” VS. DEPRESSION


7  Previous suicide attempts  Verbalizing a suicide threat  Giving away prized posessions  Collecting and disucssing information on suicide methods  Expressing a lot of feelings of hopelessness, helplessness and anger towards oneself or the world  Themes of death or depression in conversation, writing, reading or artwork  Suggesting that they would not be missed if they were gone  Scratching or marking of the body or other self destructiveness SYMPTOMS/DANGER SIGNS OF SUICIDE

8  Recent loss of a friend or family member through death or suicide or other personal “losses” such as divorce  Acute personality changes, unusually withdrawn, aggressive, moody or new involvement in risky behaviors  Sudden dramatic decline or improvement in grades, tardies or running away  Physical symptoms such as eating disturbances, sleeplessness, chronic headaches or stomach aches, menstrual irregularities or apathetic appearance  Use or increased use of substances  LOOK FOR SUDDEN CHANGES IN BEHAVIOR THAT ARE SIGNIFICANT!!!!!!! MORE DANGER SIGNS…

9  Share honestly how you are feeling  Positive Self Thought  Stress Management Skills  Conflict Resolution Skills  Healthy Decision Making Skills  Is it safe?  Is it healthy?  Is it legal?  Does it respect myself and others?  Does it respect my parents wishes?  Use Effective Communication Skills (I feel…when you…because..)  Know the signs of depression and suicide and GET PROFESSIONAL HELP! HOW TO PREVENT SUICIDE

10  1. Share your concern  “I care/ I love….I see…. I feel…. LISTEN…I want…. I will…  2. Ask the Question  “Are you thinking about suicide??”  3. Safety  Ask them how they plan to hurt themselves, but keep yourself safe  Do they have a plan? Is it Lethal, is it specific, is it available?  4. STAY WITH THEM!!!!!!!!!  The peak of a crisis can last a few minutes or even a few hours  5. Tell Someone  As much as we would like to we do NOT have the medical skills needed to help our friend  Contact a Counselor, Parent, Pastor and Physician HOW TO INTERVENE

11  1-800-SUICIDE  1-800-DONTCUT  911 NUMBERS TO CALL

12  #3: How has suicide affected your life? What could you do to prevent suicide in yourself or someone you love? JOURNAL ASSIGNMENT

13  Read the letter Paula sent to her friend  Identify the warning signs you see in the letter and write them down in the pie chart on the worksheet LETTER TO PAULA

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