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All About Me Elizabeth Wang.

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1 All About Me Elizabeth Wang

2 The Story Behind My Name
I was at china and my mom thinks that I should have a name so they did. And my mom named me Elizabeth it is a queen name.

3 Facts About Me Name: Elizabeth Ibin Wang Born: Birmingham Alabama
Birthday: Jan /18/07 Lived: Kenmore WA

4 My Family Mom : Jessie Dad : Hongwei Brothers : I don’t have a brother Sister: Morgan

5 My Favorite Things To Do
Hobbies : I like to watch TV. I love to read Activities : I love to do rainbow loom and play with my poneys Sports : Basket ball TV shows or movies : wild krats

6 What I Want To Do When I Grow Up
My dream job is to be a Artist , Doctor , and a Fisher girl I hope I will be that in real life my life is filled with love and friend ship.

7 Descriptive Words About Me
ADVETUROUS cute SMART cheerful fancy GRACEFUL beautiful helpless

8 My Favorites Favorite Food: Nachos , Pizza .
Favorite Color : Pink , Yellow , Bright Blue , purple Favorite Movie : Frozen Favorite Subject in school : Math , art , P,E Favorite Song : O b

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