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“The Magnificent African Cake”

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1 “The Magnificent African Cake”
Chapter 6, Section 4: Geopolitics - European Imperialism in Africa Today’s Objective: Students will examine the reasons for and impact of European imperialism / colonization in Africa

2 Introduction Activity
Open the blue “Global Mosaic” World Cultures book to page 99 and complete the map study. Answer questions #1-3. Then, analyze / explain what is going on in the political cartoons on the next slide

3 Analyze / explain what is going on in the political cartoons below:


5 Why did Europeans “scramble for Africa” in the late 1800s?
“need” for raw materials and new markets Building an empire

6 Did Europeans consider the African people and their groups when they made new political lines?
No! Acted like no one lived in Africa yet Berlin Conference – split up the continent w/o any Africans present

7 Berlin Conference 13 Countries meet in Berlin (1884) to divide up the continent of Africa. No Africans were invited to this meeting. Result = various African ethnic groups have been placed into one “nation”. Source of many problems that still impact modern Africa.

8 How did Europeans view Africans?
Helpless Childlike Defenseless “lazy savages” “inferior species” “joke to humanity”

9 Did Africans resist European invaders?
Some wanted peace and harmony w/ Europeans Others resisted but had inferior weapons The Zulu Nation fought several wars against the growing European presence in the Southern part of Africa. Results: Europeans often humiliated the Africans Many Africans killed

10 Things the British did to their colonies:
Taxed them Took their good farming land Killed many of the people and their livestock Sent some to school, made others work

11 What was indirect rule and was it effective?
Letting local leaders rule It was cheap and effective

12 What was a difference between British rule and French rule?
allowed assimilation = Africans could become French “citizens” Africans used as soldiers But were they treated as equal, NO!

13 YOUR TURN… To “fix” the scramble for Africa you must complete the crossword puzzle. Use pages #97 – 101 in the blue “Global Mosaic” World Cultures textbook.

Europeans changed the legal, political, and economic patterns of traditional African life. One of the lasting and negative legacies of Imperialism is the artificial boundaries imposed by Europeans on African nations.

15 Conclusion: What do you think?
Is it important to understand colonialism when studying Africa today? 2. Has this European imperialism contributed to the diversity in Africa? How so? 3. Do you think Europeans’ desire to spread Christianity in Africa was ethnocentric? Did they succeed?

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