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An introduction to Forthought Inc. "perception is reality”

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2 An introduction to Forthought Inc. "perception is reality”

3 What To Expect We at Forthought, Inc. take pride in the fact that we are not “just” a design firm. If it has to do with the internet………. We do it! In this presentation you will find some of the things that we can do for you and / or your web site Please note all screen shots in this presentation are clickable and will take you to the appropriate site

4 Forthought Inc. Website Design, Hosting and Search Engine Submission

5 About Forthought Inc. At Forthought, Inc., "perception is reality". Our goal is to make both your perception and the reality of us one of excellence. Not only do we want your business, but we want you to want to do business with us. Forthought, Inc. is the home of great web site design and hosting. With offices in Palm Beach, St. Lucie and Brevard counties, Florida, Forthought, Inc. is proud to have a client base that now spans the entire U.S., Canada, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Regardless of the type, size, or location of your company, we can assist you in obtaining a dynamic web presence. Great layout and design of your site is only the beginning. We offer on-going support through our webmaster program. This program includes regular search engine submission and monitoring, as well as monthly reports of your site's activity. We are dedicated to creating and hosting, the finest, most highly visible, web site possible for your company. Put our many years of experience in this field to work for your company ! Choosing a design firm to build your web site is a lot like selecting a business partner. Because you anticipate the relationship will lb a long lasting one, you’d like to make sure you find out as much as can about the design firm before consummating the relationship. You also want to know the company can execute every possible enhancement you’d ever want for your web site even though you may not need it right now.

6 Have a look at our portfolio Click a screen shot below to go to the site:

7 With a Web Site built and designed by Forthought, Inc., you will never have to wonder about site activity ! All clients that Forthought, Inc. acts as webmaster for, receive a comprehensive 30 page+ online report detailing activity on their web site every month.

8 E-Commerce Web Sites Forthought, Inc. can build you one of the finest on-line shopping (e- commerce) sites available today! We will build your on-line store using our custom browser based Storefront Development and Management System. It integrates cataloging, product, fulfillment, maintenance, category management, shopping basket, order and credit card processing. One central administrator can maintain multiple stores or specific store functions can be delegated to sub-administrators. Click here for more

9 Forthought, Inc., Only the best Database Programming Illya Russian, Forthought database programming staff head, with his team writes the latest MySql and Php3 scripts for our clients. These scripts power our e-commerce sites and give clients control over any page in their website they would like to be able to edit themselves. Hosting Servers Administration Forthought has implemented the latest technologies to provide our clients with a web hosting platform second to none. Our high performance servers are powered by the most advanced technologies available to provide you with unparalleled performance, security, and control. Catherine Wrench is our full-time Systems Administrator. Catherine brings to Forthought, Inc. over 20 years experience in the computer field. She overseas all facets of our hosting servers and is available for technical support 24/7. Her knowledge and diligence are what makes hosting with Forthought, Inc. a wise decision. All sites are created and managed by Forthought using the finest equipment available (digital cameras, color scanners, and image processing software). All of the client sites featured on our Portfolio have a hyperlink to that client site and a brief description the site. Make sure you visit several to get an idea of the type of things that can be incorporated into your site. Portfolio

10 Flash - Forthought, Inc. offers the ultimate in web design. Leading high-traffic consumer and portal sites use Flash to deliver engaging experiences that attract and excite web users. Lets get FLASHED

11 Search Engine Submission Part of the ongoing “maintenance” program Forthought, Inc. Offers it’s clients is regular submission of their site to search engines. Part of this process includes the writing of “behind the scenes” code called meta tags. You can’t see them, but the search engines can. When the search engines arrive at your site for indexing, they look for these tags, and utilize them when deciding placement position. Meta tags, regular submission, and good “content” are all factors that determine search engine placement.

12 Contact Information: Main Corporate Office Forthought, Inc. 3200 N. A1A, #106 N. Hutchinson Island, Florida 34949 (561)719-2432 Web: http://www.forthought.com E-Mail: In Palm Beach County: Area Marketing Directors Phillip McKay (561) 502-7445 Tim McKay (561) 502-4555 E-Mail: In Brevard County: Area Marketing Director Daniel Romano (321) 501-6714 E-Mail:

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