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Zachary High School Class of th-9th Transition Meeting

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1 Zachary High School Class of 2018 8th-9th Transition Meeting
February 25, 2014

2 Objectives for Tonight’s Meeting
To share information regarding Freshman Academy resources for ZHS students and parents To review Graduation Requirements and TOPS curriculum To prepare for 9th grade scheduling To browse through Career Pathways Showcase and walk through Foundation Hall

3 Ninth Grade Academy Goals
Increase the # of first-time 9th graders who successfully complete freshman year Raise student achievement levels Increase daily attendance rate Decrease the # of discipline referrals Increase the # of 9th graders participating in ZHS extracurricular activities Promote students’ awareness of post-secondary options

4 Strategies for Success
Successful transition to high school Increased communication between school and home 9th grade core teachers teaming daily Enhanced guidance support HEAT daily for missing homework Saturday School for academic work After-school tutoring available T-Th Early, targeted interventions for struggling learners

5 Grading System 18-week cumulative grading period Semester 1(Aug.-Dec.)
Semester 2 (Jan.-May) Progress reports are mailed home at the end of a 6-week period (parents should check JPAMS Parent Command Center on a regular basis) Final grades are awarded at the end of each semester. These are official transcript grades that will follow students to all post-secondary options.

6 Importance of Rigor Honors courses AP (Advanced Placement) courses
Challenge Exposure In-depth College Readiness Please review the following handout carefully: Comparison Chart for Standard, Honors, AP Courses

7 Journey to College and Career
9th Grade Checklist Counselors’ Corner website ACT resources Annual update of Individual Graduation Plans College Fair in the fall semester

8 Core 4 Graduation Requirements
English 4 Units Must be I, II, III, and IV Mathematics 4 Units Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, 4th Math Science 4 Units Biology, Chemistry, 3rd and 4th Science Social Studies 4 Units World Geography, Civics, American History, 4th Social Studies Physical Education ½ Units Can substitute ROTC I and II Health ½ Unit Foreign Language 2 Units Two years in the same language Art Elective 1 Unit Fine Art Survey, Art, Music, or Drama Electives 3 Units 24 Units

9 TOPS Curriculum & Requirements Graduates of 2014 and thereafter
English – 4 Units English I, II, III and English IV Mathematics – 4 Units Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry, Advanced Math, Probability & Statistics, or Calculus Science – 4 Units Biology, Chemistry, and Physical Science, Environmental Science, Earth Science, Anatomy & Physiology, Biology II (AP), Chemistry II (AP), Agriscience II, or Physics Social Studies - 4 Units Civics, American History, World Geography, and World History Foreign Language – 2 Units 2 units from same language Arts – 1 Unit _________________________ Total – 19 Units Level 1 Award: 2.5 Core GPA, 20 ACT Level 2 Award: 3.0 Core GPA, 23 ACT Level 3 Award: 3.0 Core GPA, 27 ACT

10 Registration February 27th @ NMS
Course selections should be driven by the student’s academic record, standardized test scores, career interests and postsecondary plans

11 Advising/Scheduling Process
When we come to NMS on February 27, we will sit one-on-one and advise your child as to his/her course selections. How we look at student placement in core courses, including honors/AP: Use 7th iLeap, current grades, and teacher input to make our best judgment as to which classes your child will be most successful. A few days after scheduling, your child will come home with a copy of his/her course requests. Please review your child’s course requests and write any changes you’d like on the bottom of the form, sign, and return. When considering honors/AP, use our selections to help guide your decisions.

12 Advising/Scheduling Process
Electives: The state wants students to explore one elective area in depth rather than take several intro elective courses. Therefore, students must choose an elective area of concentration/elective pathway and plan to stick with that elective pathway for all 4 years of high school. In junior and senior year, students will have more room in their schedules which will allow them to take additional electives outside of their elective pathway We do not have a pathway for every possible career. Therefore, if we have a pathway that does relate to your child’s career interest, we would encourage him/her to choose that pathway. If we do not have a pathway related to your child’s career interest, we would encourage him/her to choose an elective area that they are interested in exploring and might enjoy while in high school.

13 Career Pathways Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources
Ag Production/ Management/ Entrepreneurship Horticulture Architecture and Construction Carpentry and Construction Arts, A/V Technology, and Communication Entertainment Production Journalism Liberal Arts Mass Communication Performing Arts

14 Career Pathways Business, Management, and Administration
Business Administration Education and Training Education Finance Banking and Finance Government and Public Administration JROTC Health Science Nursing Pharmacy Sports Medicine

15 Career Pathways Human Services Information Technology Manufacturing
Management of Family Resources Information Technology Computer Science Information Systems Manufacturing Welding Marketing, Sales and Services Clothing and Textiles Transportation, Distribution, & Logistics Auto Technology



18 Save the Dates May – begin checking online for summer assignments (all incoming 9th graders) and sports information July 30th – Freshman Orientation/ Parent University sessions Last names A-L 9:00 – 11:00 a.m. Last names M-Z 1:00 – 3:00 p.m. ***Student fees are $35 plus additional fees for various classes/programs. July 31st - 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. – Freshmen Only Day

19 Questions??? Contact… Donna Kline, Freshman Academy Coordinator
Tiffany Bacon, Freshman Counselor

20 Zachary Career and Technical Center (ZCTC)
Kim C. Germany, Administrator Bianca W. Brown, Counselor

21 A typical ZCTC student…
Works well in smaller classes and school environment Struggles academically Struggles socially Interested in graduating on time according to age Motivated Needs flexibility Prefers the use of technology in the classroom Interested in working ahead to graduate early Interested in Carpentry, Auto Mechanics, or Art career fields

22 If you’d like to learn more about ZCTC, please meet with Mrs
If you’d like to learn more about ZCTC, please meet with Mrs.Bianca Brown in Foundation Hall, room F107, immediately following this general session.

23 If you were invited to a separate informational meeting with Mrs
If you were invited to a separate informational meeting with Mrs. McMorris, please meet in Foundation Hall, room F113, immediately following this general session.

24 Thank you for coming tonight!
Now enjoy our Career Electives Showcase in the ZHS practice gym.

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