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zzzzzzzzzz Scott’s bit – presentation styles / visual aids.

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9 Scott’s bit – presentation styles / visual aids

10 Don’t fidget Don’t repeat yourself too much Don’t move about too much Don’t stand still Don’t pick a spot and stare at it Keep eye contact Don’t cross your arms/legs Don’t turn your back Speak at a normal speed Smile Do what makes you comfortable to start with - You can refine it later

11 Don’t Pick your nose Scratch personal parts of your body Keep your hands in your pockets Normal polite behaviour is fine Do what makes you comfortable – within reason

12 Consider Holding something in your hand (clicker) Holding onto the lectern (if your hands are shaking) What you wear may matter Comfortable shoes


14 Scott - preparation

15 PRACTICE: Really know your subject Do not learn it by rote Practice timing Have a peer review it Sometimes start in the middle Divide into sections

16 Managing Fear

17 BEFORE: This is a technical presentation – not Toastmasters Practice in front of people – your wife / husband / cleaner / mirror– anyone Speak it out loud Really know your subject Never think about piking (being run over by a bus etc) – its not going to happen Prepare the first 3 sentences really well Plan on something to say in case you block – write it down

18 BEFORE: Avoid last minute changes Stand on the stage earlier in the day, tryout the microphone Breathing exercises Check everything early then wander – don’t stand on stage before you have to Remember – people want you to succeed Visualise it going well

19 DURING: Have friends in the audience – get them to talk to you before it starts – get them to nod a lot Breath Interact with the audience early Have technical support Have water ready Say you will take questions at the end

20 FOR THE REALLY TERRIFIED: Start by doing a presentation with a friend Sit down and do the demo bit or Hang onto the lectern and don’t let go

21 AFTER: What were you afraid of? You will be glad you did it You may be significantly thinner


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