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Day 43 English 10 Honors.

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1 Day 43 English 10 Honors

2 Warm-Up Fighting the urge to crawl under her desk, Adriana looked at the clock, there was still a half hour left of class, more than enough time to do her poorly prepared, ten-minute speech. A. clock there B. clock; there C. clock, so there

3 After Reading: Did you change your mind about the punishment? Stand up (pro-caning)/ Sit down (anti- caning)

4 Fay Controversy: Evidence
What did you find? Empirical (direct observation or study): “Americans need to remember that this country was also founded by dissidents.”

5 Fay Controversy: Evidence
What did you find? 2. Logical: “The crime rate in Singapore went from 223 per 10,000 residents to 175 per 10,000 residents last year.” “The cars were not permanently damaged; the paint was removed with thinner. Caning leaves permanent scars.”

6 Fay Controversy: Evidence
What did you find? 3. Anecdotal: “Last year, Woon and his family were robbed at gunpoint at a bus stop near Disney World.”

7 Objectives: Analyze the use of rhetorical appeals in argument
Apply the use of rhetorical appeals in your own argument

8 Logos = Logic Appeal to the mind/intellect
Draw from philosophy and logic Facts, Statistics If, then… statements Definitions of terms Explanation of ideas Cause and effect

9 Pathos: Appeal to the heart/emotion
Personal anecdotes or stories Imagery and figurative language that provokes an emotional response Visual images or words that inspire you to empathize or have compassion towards the idea/topic

10 Ethos: establishment of a writer’s authority and believability
Appeal to the writer’s/speaker’s believability, qualifications, character; relevant biographical information Use of credible sources (experts, scholars) Accurate citation of sources: gives credit where credit is due Experience and authority: person knows the issues and has experience in the field Appropriate language and tone

11 Discuss with your partner
In advertising, which type of appeal do you see most often?

12 Hint: Not all of them use just ONE appeal!
Pop Quiz! Review Hint: Not all of them use just ONE appeal! Stand up to move to corners of the room to prove knowledge

13 Logos, Pathos, or Ethos? Logos/ethos

14 Logos, Pathos, or Ethos? pathos

15 Logos, Pathos, or Ethos? Logic/ pathos

16 On Surrender at Bear Mountain (150)
With your partner, read Chief Joseph’s speech. Then answer the two questions in your Springboard. What rhetorical device is being used? Highlight evidence. What is the tone of the speech? (with partner) 1. Pathos 2. sad, defeated

17 School’s Out for Summer (157) by Anna Quindlen
Let’s look at an argumentative text. Annotate for appeals in her argument. Are you convinced?

18 Elements of Argument and Appeals
What is Quindlen’s claim? Cite evidence that Quindlen uses to support her claim. What appeals and types of evidence are used to convince the reader? Handout? (half sheet?)

19 Practice persuasive skills in preparation for EA2: Argument
Your community recreation center could sponsor free lunches for children and teenagers during the summer but does not currently do so. Using the appeals of logos, ethos, and pathos, convince the director to sponsor free lunches. Trade and highlight each element in your partner’s writing.

20 Susan B. Anthony (152) Do you know anything about her?
About the Author Why was she arrested?

21 Susan B. Anthony: Women’s Right to Vote
This needs to be read out loud! Read this out loud with your partner in your best Susan B. Anthony voice! : audio

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