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April Love By Ernest Dowson.

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1 April Love By Ernest Dowson


3 About the Author Ernest Dowson
Was in the Rhymer’s Club with other writers. He met a women (Adelaide Foltinowicz) who inspired him for his best poetry. He had a unrequited love for wine and women Was suffering from tuberculosis. Fell in love with a 12 year old, but she never accepted his love. Won no awards .

4 Author’s Purpose The authors purpose of writing this poem is to share the feelings he had with his lover and to let people know to always give hope for love.

5 Genre/Style of Poem My poem haves: Four stanzas Sixteen lines
I call my poem a Lyric poem because it expresses the speakers thoughts and emotions.

6 Poetic Terms for Each Stanza
Stanza 1 and 2 Poetic Terms for Each Stanza A B C D 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 End Rhyme: at every line it has a rhyme Personification: in line one love is capitalized that could mean that it is a big thing about the poem. Sensory details: from line five I have notice that it explains imagery

7 Stanza 3 and 4 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 Simile: for line 10 love and free was compared to wind on the hill

8 Imagery While reading this poem I imagined that two people were in love. I also imagined the sun this gives me an idea that it’s probably spring or summer time. At the ending it says that they joined lips for the last time so that tells me that this will be the last time the couple will see each other

9 Literal and Figurative Meaning
Literal Meaning For my opinion, I think the literal meaning of this poem is to always cherish the one that you love and never think romance will end forever. Figurative Meaning For the figurative meaning I think it means to don’t always think love is the ending for you or that you will never find love again, but to believe that you will always be loved by someone else.

10 Theme and the Speaker The theme of my poem is that love really can’t last for a long time and soon later you have to say goodbye to your lover. The speaker’s love is released, but does not know how it will last, this makes me think that this was his first true love.

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