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Ah, Music! *Robust Vocabulary* Created By: Agatha Lee January 2009.

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1 Ah, Music! *Robust Vocabulary* Created By: Agatha Lee January 2009

2 attract If you attract someone, then you make that person want to come to you.

3 My grandparents are attracted to each other. What type of weather might attract you to play outside, warm and sunny or cold and rainy? attract

4 * What are some objects that magnets attract? * What kind of music do you think your teacher is attracted to? attract

5 territory An animal’s territory is an area of land that it sees as its home.

6 A howler monkey uses its loud howl to protect its territory. Would a lion protect its territory by roaring loudly or sleeping quietly? territory

7 * Describe the territory that belongs to our school. * Name some kinds of animals that have their own territory. territory

8 universal If something is universal, then everyone in the world knows or experiences it.

9 Music is universal because everyone can understand it. Which do you think is a universal need- having enough food or having new restaurants? universal

10 * What would it be like if everyone spoke a universal language? * Is laughter universal? * Is a quarter universal? universal

11 audible If you can hear something, then it is audible.

12 Sounds that are very, very quiet are still audible. Which would be more audible at a party- a telephone ringing or a clock ticking? audible

13 * What should you do if someone says your voice is not audible during a phone call? * Tell about a time when it was difficult to make your voice audible. audible

14 volume Volume is how loud or soft a sound is. Turn up the volume!

15 My aunt left the room when I turned up the volume of my pop music. If you wanted to play music at a softer volume, would you turn the sound up or down? volume

16 * True or False: The fire alarm has a high volume. * What are some machines in which you can change the volume? volume

17 expression Expression is when you use your voice, your face, or your body to add meaning to what you say.

18 I made an ugly facial expression when my mom told me I had to eat broccoli. Can your teacher make funny facial expressions? expression

19 * How do your body movements show expression when you are angry at someone? * Tell about a time when you tried to change your expression. expression

20 creative If you are creative, then you use new or different ideas to make or do something.

21 My mom had a creative idea on how to decorate my room. Are you creative if you make a gift for someone or buy a gift for someone? creative

22 * Would you admire someone if they are creative? * Tell about a time when you did something in a creative way. creative

23 performance A performance is when somebody sings, dances, or acts in front of an audience.

24 My friend saw a performance by the Jonas Brothers. Would you rather see a performance by dancers or by acrobats? performance

25 * If you could choose one type of performance to attend, what would it be? * Would you rather give a performance for people you know or for strangers? performance

26 concentrate When you concentrate, then you put all of your attention on one thing.

27 My mother was not paying attention to me because she was concentrating on making dinner for our family. Would a quiet crowd or a noisy crowd help a singer concentrate? concentrate

28 * Do you have to concentrate more when you walk the dog or when you take a spelling test? * How can you tell when someone is really trying to concentrate? concentrate

29 relieved If you are relieved, then you are happy because some kind of worry is gone.

30 relieved Mrs. Lee doesn’t feel relieved when her students forget their homework. Would you be more relieved to find a favorite toy or to lose it?

31 relieved * Do you usually feel more relieved before you take a test or after? * Tell about a time when you felt relieved because something didn’t happen.

32 Our dog protects his ______ by barking whenever someone comes to our door. A. expression B. volume C. territory D. performance

33 The bugs were _______ to the garbage can. A. audible B. concentrating C. relieved D. attracted

34 Evelyn was _______ to hear that she didn’t have a fever. A. relieved B. concentrating C. expression D. creative

35 I think Mrs. Gabriel is a ______ artist. A. territory B. audible C. universal D. creative

36 I thought the students gave a great ________ during the assembly. A. volume B. performance C. universal D. audible

37 My friend thinks it is hard to ______ on work when there is loud music playing. A. creative B. relieved C. concentrate D. expression

38 My mother told me to turn the _____ down on my television. A. attract B. audible C. territory D. volume

39 I love listening to Mrs. Lee’s ______ when she reads stories to our class. A. expression B. creative C. audible D. universal

40 That announcement was _____, even though the students were talking. A. attract B. volume C. audible D. concentrate

41 I think that feelings are ______ because everyone in the world has them. A. sipped B. journeyed C. universal D. carefree

42 Can you read these words? 1. attract 2. territory 3. universal 4. audible 5. volume 6. expression 7. creative 8. performance 9. concentrate 10. relieved

43 Can you read these words? 1. journeyed 2. frail 3. stomped 4. sipped 5. entertain 6. except 7. carefree 8. screeching 9. horrendous 10. melodious

44 Can you read these words? 1. disturb 2. underneath 3. cozy 4. enchanting 5. instead 6. thrilled 7. review 8. celebrate 9. procrastinate 10. diversion

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