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REVISION CM103 Unit 8.

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1 REVISION CM103 Unit 8

2 In this session, we will address the following:
UNIT 8 SEMINAR AGENDA In this session, we will address the following: The Rules For Writers reading Revising Your First Line

3 Let’s talk about the reading for this unit:
RULES FOR WRITERS Let’s talk about the reading for this unit: What did you learn? What will you use in your projects? Was it useful? Please be specific. What would you like me to cover in more detail?

4 RULES FOR WRITERS It’s common to use inflated language in an early writing course or a first draft. Here are some examples and how to make your writing more concise.

5 REVISION After working for several weeks on your essay, finding errors or omissions will require you to take a “fresh look” at what you have written. You can accomplish this in a few ways: Take a break from what you have written. The time you take may vary, but you want to be able to look at the paper with a fresh set of eyes, so try doing something else for at least half an hour.

6 REVISION Read what you have written aloud. Hearing the words spoken may help you understand them in a different way. You may want to read the paper to someone else, but reading it aloud to yourself will help as well. Consider printing out your essay and reading a hard copy. This technique can sometimes give you a new perspective on what you have written, and you can mark it as you go. Even in an age where we are dependent on computers, it helps to have a physical paper in front of you for a closer reading.

7 Consider the following as you revise your work:
REVISION Consider the following as you revise your work: Does your paper meet the minimum page or word count requirements? What other examples or points can you provide to ensure that your final paper meets that expectation? Is your introduction interesting? Is it one to two paragraphs long? Is your thesis clearly identifiable? Does it appear as the last sentence of your introduction?

8 REVISION Does the body of your paper substantiate or prove the thesis?
Is the conclusion as effective as the introduction? What is the deadline for this project? Have you allowed yourself ample time to revise and edit? What services of Kaplan’s Writing Center could help you write a better paper? Review the assignment instructions to see if there is anything else that should be included or revised. Review the syllabus and assignment rubric; these will give you a better idea of what grade your paper will be given. This will also show you areas in which you can further develop your essay.

9 YOUR FIRST LINES Let’s open the floor to talk about the first line of your papers (i.e. your “hook”). To maintain order, I’ll be calling on folks individually. Remember you want to capture your audience’s attention at the outset.

10 Questions? Questions?

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