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1 May 8, 2006 Briefing to Northwest Congressional Delegation Staff.

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1 1 May 8, 2006 Briefing to Northwest Congressional Delegation Staff

2 2 Members Avista Bonneville Power Administration Chelan County PUD Grant County PUD Puget Sound Energy Seattle City Light

3 3 Purpose Derive benefits (individual and regional) from integrating use and expansion of Member control areas’ transmission networks Near-term services beginning in 2006 Design and possible implementation of longer-term services

4 4 Near-Term Services Anticipate that ColumbiaGrid will begin offering near-term services in the Fall of 2006 Work currently underway to: –Finalize ColumbiaGrid’s specific responsibilities on a function-by-function basis –Develop detailed transition plans that identify steps and related timelines for ColumbiaGrid’s assumption of responsibilities

5 5 Near-Term Services Planning and Expansion (target for executed Functional Agreement – October 15, 2006) –Regional plan –Screening of service and interconnection requests, determine which systems affected, lead joint studies –Expansion forcing mechanism Reliability (target for executed Functional Agreement – Winter 2006/2007) –Creation of regional database – increased visibility of what is happening on transmission system and why –NERC Functional Model tasks – currently exploring which tasks would benefit from a regional approach and evaluating potential role for ColumbiaGrid –Redispatch for reliability purposes

6 6 Near-Term Services Common Northwest OASIS (target for executed Functional Agreement – Spring 2007) –Single OASIS interface –Work towards common products and business practices Market Monitoring (still to be determined)

7 7 Longer-Term Services Design to extent needed for Members to decide whether to implement (target for executed Functional Agreement regarding design services – Winter 2006/2007) –Flow-based analytical approach (planning and expansion, reliability and operations, new rights) –Regional transmission service Centralized scheduling using physical transmission rights (with protection of existing contract rights) Operation of a voluntary flow-based transmission market Issuance or facilitation of issuance by the Corporation of new system-wide flow-based transmission rights Reconfiguration services for the sale of existing contract rights

8 8 Longer-Term Services –Further enhancements to Northwest OASIS, including consolidated queues for interconnection and transmission service requests for Members’ and Qualified Non- Member Parties’ systems –Longer-term reliability initiatives, including redispatch for reliability

9 9 ColumbiaGrid Mantra Stay focused on what needs to be put into place now and get ColumbiaGrid started Acknowledge that ColumbiaGrid’s role and responsibilities will evolve over time, but wait to address issues as they arise rather than try to anticipate and resolve everything at the outset

10 10 Relationship of Members and ColumbiaGrid Members maintain current responsibilities, authorities, and relationships ColumbiaGrid, a not-for-profit membership corporation, provides services to Members and other qualified parties –ColumbiaGrid looks to its Members to determine its role and the scope of its activities under “functional agreements” ColumbiaGrid is not a utility (similar, but not identical, to Northwest Power Pool model)

11 11 ColumbiaGrid Independent Board ColumbiaGrid Management and Employees Ensures ColumbiaGrid follows the contracts Member Control Area Functional Agreements (Funding; commitment to be bound by ColumbiaGrid to extent it is given responsibility) Stakeholders Regulators, Boards, Councils Member Control Area Member Control Area Member Control Area

12 12 Independent Board Practical independence (sufficient for Members to be willing to turn over responsibilities) –Directors elected to work on behalf of the collective membership, not individual Members –ColumbiaGrid endeavors to provide regional benefits and support public interests –Members will not micro-manage ColumbiaGrid; ColumbiaGrid has autonomy/discretion to extent provided in functional agreements –FERC’s standard for independence?

13 13 Additional Participation Initial Members welcome participation of additional Northwest control areas as Members ColumbiaGrid services designed to work for broader area than just Members’ systems Anticipated that membership will evolve

14 14 Additional Functional Agreement Parties Functional Agreements –Do not need to be a Member to enter into Functional Agreement, other qualified parties will be able to participate Qualifications for a Non-Member Party will be left to each Functional Agreement

15 15 Stakeholder Participation ColumbiaGrid will transact its corporate business publicly –Board of Directors directed to implement a program to obtain and consider regional public views, advice, and concerns regarding the carrying out of ColumbiaGrid’s purposes –Provisions in Bylaws regarding notice to Interested Persons and opportunity for public comment Anyone who asks to be added to the list is an Interested Person –Board of Directors meet in open sessions with limited ability to go to closed session to discuss confidential matters (e.g., personnel, litigation)

16 16 Development Process Monthly ColumbiaGrid Forum Meetings Very full schedule of small group, drafting team and technical subgroup activity (some meet weekly) Active participation of wide range of regional stakeholders Moving fast – technical work already substantially complete (relying on Integration Proposal which, in turn, relied on Grid West and TIG technical work)

17 17 Accomplishments to Date January 27 – First stakeholder (“Forum”) meeting February 2 - ColumbiaGrid selected as name February 22 – Second Forum meeting; governance approach adopted March 31 – ColumbiaGrid incorporated April 14 – Bylaws adopted

18 18 Targeted Milestones July 15 - Seat Board August 30 - Hire Manager/CEO October 15 - Execute Planning and Expansion Functional Agreement December 15 – Execute Reliability Functional Agreement Throughout entire timeframe, continue work on other functional agreements, including agreement relating to design and evaluation of longer-term services

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